Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dart Adams presents The 5 Black Superheroes I Resemble In Real Life (Or Vice Versa)

Since I've yet to reveal my face to the world I decided to go on ahead and do a quick post that highlights the Black comic book heroes that I resemble the most. Why the hell not?

1. Luke Cage

Who else would come in first place but the 2nd greatest Black hero all time next to T'Challa, The Black Panther? Sweet Christmas! Make Mine Marvel!

2. Lucas Bishop

The future X-Man who fell out of the sky & joined the team his parents used to tell legends of in his post apocalyptic alternate universe was one of the most iconic characters of the late 80's & 90's. At first he had a Black man's mullet but when the 00's approached, Lucas Bishop shaved his head, kept his goatee and his storyline was further developed.

Now former mutant policeman Lucas Bishop chases Cable & Hope Summers throughout time in hopes of killing her & saving the future. He made the entire planet uninhabitable & killed billions just to get to her already (it was the future in an alternate reality). Just read "Cable" to see what I mean.

3. Gauntlet

Gauntlet started out as a drill instructor for Tony Stark's Initiative during Marvel's Civil War storyline training young superheroes for the government. After the Secret Invasion jumped off he helped to repel the Skrulls but he eventually turned on Norman Osborn as he assembled H.A.M.M.E.R in the current Dark Reign storyline. He currently aids the Avengers (both teams) as they face Osborne and his Dark Avengers.

3. Tangent Superman

Tangent Superman was Harvey Dent, a man that showed great potential for a project so he was altered and experimented upon until he exhibited great mental, psionic and telekinetic powers that grew until he became the most powerful being in DC's Tangent Universe. He went mad with power and completely took it over. About damn time!

5. Steel (John Henry Irons)

The weapons designer with a conscience (no Tony Stark) that decided to aid Superman in his battle against evil then ended up becoming the hero of Metropolis and head of Team Superman most resembled me as a tall bald Black dude with a goatee. I used to actually read DC for a while there when they killed off Superman. Hopefully, one day they'll try it again.

Bonus (6th Man): Synch

Although he was just below 6' and had no facial hair, Synch was the cat that most resembled me back in the old X-Men/X-Force/Generation X days of the 90's. He was one of my all time favorite mutants, too bad he was killed off before the Age Of Apocalypse jumped off. He just got resurrected as an undead psychic mutant by Selene in "Necrosha".

Yet another in a laundry list of reasons why I need to get on a Bolt Bus and head to NYC in 2010. Props due to Combat Jack