Monday, December 7, 2009

Dart Adams presents 10 More Projects You Probably Slept On In 2009

Here's a list of ten of the many projects, both free and currently available for purchase that you may or may not have slept on this past year. Let's get down to it:

1. 14KT "Nowalataz"

This free project instrumental album from 14KT took the internet & bloggerverse by storm. I find myself playing in my iPod Touch often and I have 215 other projects in there along with it. If for whatever reason you've managed to sleep on it for this long break the cycle and download it here

2. Chief "Collabo Collection"

It's been out for a while overseas but it finally dropped stateside this November, either way it's impossible to front on the chilled out, soulful vibes of Chief's production. All it takes is one listen to "Collabo Collection" to make you wonder what other hidden gems are out there that flew just beneath the overwhelming majority of Hip hop listener's radars?

3. DJ Spinna "Sonic Smash"

I've been playing this album nonstop for close to eight months now so it's really no surprise that it would land on this list. What I'm more surprised about is that this album isn't in more heads iTunes music folders or collections. The selections on "Sonic Smash" will have you wondering why more people aren't bigging up this project rather then complaining about how Hip Hop sucks now. Whatever man.

4. Illogic & Ill Poetic "Diabolical Fun"

Take one of the best pure spitters in the game today and pair him up with one of the illest beatmakers & emcees in the game and what do you have? An album that has you scrunching up your face for an hour straight & rewinding bars and verses like crazy. Find this album. Buy this album. 'Nuff said.

5. Kam Moye (AKA Supastition) "Splitting Image"

Kam Moye has done it yet again. Unfortunately, cats are walking around listening to half assed Rap albums disappointed by what Hip Hop has become rather than cop his album so they can see that Hip hop is actually alive & well. Don't make that same mistake. Take the red pill instead.

6. Kooley High "Kooley Is High"

Kooley High deserves far more attention then they're currently receiving from the Hip Hop world at large. Their previous material was certified dope but they showed another side of themselves on "Kooley Is High" that made it known that they were more than just another nice group from North Carolina, they're something special. Download it to see exactly what I mean by that statement.

7. Paten Locke "Super Ramen Rocketship"

What can I say about Paten Locke's excellent offering that my many other distinguished blogging brethren & sisteren didn't already eloquently express? This album will take about two hours to play through the first time just because you'll be repeating tracks and rewinding bars & verses. I had this album for months before it dropped and I couldn't stop playing it even when it dropped. Seriously, you should support quality Hip Hop & cop this album. No pressure, though. Go.

8. Roc C & IMAKEMADBEATS "The Transcontinental"

This is unadulterated headnod music right here. Oxnard's Roc C spit over one of New York's most underrated beatmakers IMAKEMADBEATS. This album took me by surprise and it's disappointing that it hasn't caught on yet. All you need to do is press play to realize the obvious. Heads are sleeping hard on this LP. Stop it.

9. Sene & Blu "A Day Late & A Dollar Short"

Brooklyn's own Sene paints a picture of the city he grew up in and Blu provided a perfect sonic soundscape so Sene can bring his stories to life. This was one of my favorite jawns to rock from beginning to end and just enjoy the ride. People are sleeping on this one, for real. Don't be them.

10. Tiye Phoenix-Half Woman, Half Amazing

Tiye Phoenix's album bangs from beginning to end. She absolutely murders every single verse and spits her venomous bars so effortlessly that it's disheartening to think that people consider Nicki Minaj to be the best female emcee out now. Face facts, she's the only one you've heard lately or even attempted to listen to. Had Drake heard this album perhaps he'd have known better than to type that stupid shit on Twitter, huh?



Zach said...

Very nice choices here, really did a nice job bringing these deserving projects to light for people. Just a few that I'd like to add to this list (because I've been thinking of doing one of my own) are:
Will C. - Evil In The Mirror
Trek Life - New Money
John Robinson - Who Is This Man?

khal said...

if i ever took to ghost-blogging, my alias would be IWRITEMADPOSTS

Anonymous said...

i love these lists..reminds of projects that I accidently skipped over or need to give more burn. Good shit mayne lol

Anonymous said...
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