Monday, December 14, 2009

Dart Adams presents 12 More Projects You Might've Slept On In 2009

It's time to revisit this theme and give shine to 12 more Hip Hop projects that you may or may not have slept on in 2009. Without any further ado I will go on ahead and shine the light:

1. Aarophat & Illastrate "Black Noise"

This album took the underground Hip Hop world by surprise. Years from now people will be calling it a classic. I say why wait? Check this album out now to see why it's been called a Top 20 Hip Hop release of 2009 by myself & Eric of Bloggerhouse.

2. Apathy "Wanna Snuggle?"

Apathy produces his comeback album pretty much all by himself to devastating effect. It just dropped in October but you'd be surprised how few Hip Hop fans are aware that it even came out. Don't sleep

3. Big Tone "The Art Of Ink"

Yet another ridiculous Hip Hop project that flew under the radar in 2009 was Big Tone's "The Art Of Ink". Beats & rhymes are top notch but far too many slept on it and bought Cam'ron & Fabolous' albums instead. If only they knew...

4. Blame One "Days Chasing Days"

San Diego's legendary emcee Blame One was brought back out of retirement by Exile and the end result was an album that made you want to punch yourself in the face. One of 2009's best Hip Hop efforts hands down

5. Braille & Symbolyc One "CloudNineteen"

This album simply doesn't get the props it so rightfully deserves. Braille over S1 production makes for must hear Hip Hop. How many people know that it even dropped? I did. Now you know.

6. Che Grand "Everything's Good Ugly"

The long awaited album from Lessondary Crew member Che Grand lived up to & surpassed all expectations once it finally dropped. I had the album cover up on Poisonous Paragraphs for more than a year, too. Hear it for yourself

7. Fashawn "Boy Meets World"

Take up & coming West Coast emcee Fashawn and add the legendary Exile on the boards and what do you get? Classic material wall to wall. If you managed to sleep on it for this long then open your eyes

8. Fatgums x Bambu "A Peaceful Riot"

Remember back in the days when Hip Hop actually stood for something? Well, it still does (just not on the mainstream level anymore), ask Bambu (formerly of Native Guns) & Fatgums. "A Peaceful Riot" brings me back to the good 'ol days. Salute!

9. Finale "A Pipe Dream And A Promise"

If this list didn't include Finale's "A Pipe Dream And A Promise" then it automatically would've lost credibility in my biased opinion. Go see why now.

10. Keelay & Zaire present Ridin' High

Keelay & Zaire are one of the most slept on production teams in underground Hip Hop. Let's break that trend right here, right now. "Ridin' High" needs to be in the iPods & Zunes of every Hip Hop fan around. Seriously.

11. Marco Polo & Torae "Double Barrel"

Marco Polo on the boards. Torae on the bars. Deadly combination to say the least. If this isn't on your "Best Of '09" list then you shouldn't have been allowed to make one in the first place. Real talk. "Double Barrel". Remember it. Repeat it like a mantra until it sinks into your brains.

12. Thaione Davis "Still Hear"

Chicago underground emcee Thaione Davis' project was produced entirely by Rashid Hadee and it took the Hip Hop bloggerverse by surprise. It's easily one of the best Hip Hop albums I heard all year and it's a shame so few people know about it. Get familiar with "Still Hear" right now.


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