Monday, June 8, 2009

Dart Adams presents 25 Producers You Need To Hear Right Now (2009 Edition) Part Two

Back again! © Dilated Peoples. Without any further ado, I present to you all, Part Two:

Dibiase AKA Mr. Dibia$e AKA Diabolic1
Reps: Watts, CA

Dibiase has been destroying the beat showcase and beat battle circuit so badly and won titles so often that I actually forgot that I didn't already put him on one of my producers lists. That's hilarious. It's like I thought it was a given that he had a spot on these lists to the point I realized that I hadn't actually gone through with doing the writeup part. I've reviewed several of his past projects and mentioned him on this blog for years, mind you. Get familiar with Dibiase right now if you haven't already!

Illastrate AKA Hoody Allen (Black Noise)
Reps: Ft. Wayne, IN/Atlanta, GA

You know what the Midwest is? Young and reckless. Next, this producer'll make some "bob your head" shit. Then next, this producer'll make some "break yo neck" shit. Then next, this producer'll make you say "That's some next shit!". Will somebody tell these muthafuckas who Illastrate is? Sure, I'll do it. His people in the Midwest and the A (Atlanta for the slow) have been bigging up him up for years now and I've had him on my radar for a minute. After hearing selected joints from Aarophat & Illastrate's "Black Noise" LP dropping on June 16th it was apparent he belongs on this years list. Go cop that "Black Noise" when it drops and support quality Hip Hop!

Objektiv One
Reps: Dallas, TX

Objektiv One is a producer's producer. I often wonder what the hell is in the water in Dallas since it's produced so many talented producers over the years (Symbolyc One, Rob Viktum, newest addition VohnBeats etc.). Objektiv One's tracks have so much imagination and layers to them it's crazy. He's working on quite a few projects right now, the one I'm looking forward to the most is his "Demolition" project. If you've somehow slept on the lead single "Capuletgo, Please" you can download it here. Keep your ears open for this cat in the near future.

Slakah The Beatchild (Art Of Fresh)
Reps: Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

How much heat does this cat have to make before I get wise and finally add him to one of my lists? I mean, really? He's made notable tracks for his group with D.O. Art Of Fresh ("Back To The Earth" available now), Ayah, Divine Brown, Poizonous, Drake & Melanie Durrant in the past and his upcoming BBE LP "Soul Movement Vol. 1" will be his breakout release this Summer. If you've managed to sleep on this Canadian producer up until now tehn please stop. *Hands you a late pass*

Full Crate
Reps: Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you're a regular visitor of sites like MOOVMNT or Mixing then you're already more than familiar with Amsterdam producer Full Crate. Between himself, Hayzee, SirOJ, FS Green and a gang of other heads Amsterdamage is becoming one of the most talent rich cities in Europe. Check his production style out and back catalog to see why Full Crate and his people will be filling your personal music players for years to come (you should see how often Full Crates tracks & mixes show up in my iTunes library!).

Next up: Daru Jones, Terror Danja, Kid Hum, Slimkat78 & Cadik



Jansport J said...

Dibia$e is THAT NIGGA. humble too. thats the homie

Unknown said...

Illa is the illest! =D Word Up!