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Dart Adams presents 25 Producers You Need To Hear Right Now (2009 Edition) Part Three

It's time to begin again! © Prodigy. Part Three begins now!:

Daru Jones (Rusic/AB & Daru/Daru & Rena)
Reps: Detroit, MI

Super prolific producer/musician (Just listen to "Spirit Drumz Chapters 1 & 2" by Daru Beats or his previous samplers sometimes!) Daru Jones has put in some much work over the years it's really hard to believe that anyone could possibly sleep on his musical output. Daru is an accomplished live performer and has served as a drummer for Slum Village, Black Milk, Hi-Tek & Talib Kweli, Ayah, Yahzarah and Monica Blaire just to name a few.

His ability to blend live instrumentation and his overall musicianship to traditional Hip Hop production techniques makes for lush music soundspaces that instantly induce the scrunchface time and again. Between AB & Daru's "A Work In Progress", Daru & Rena's "Producer's Luv Tribute" & "Luv EP" or his upcoming "Spirit & Soul sampler" you'll have NO excuse to sleep Daru Jones' production in the future.




Terror Danjah (Aftershock)
Reps: London, England (E7)

If I mention the tracks "Cock Back", "I Can C U", "So Sure", "With U", "Frontine", "Get Me", "Zumpi Huntuh", "One Wish Remix", "So Real" or even stuff like his "Radar Instrumental" Grime heads and UK/European music fiends would lose their damn minds. All I have to do is say Aftershock Records and everyone would instantly know of whom I'm speaking. Now here I'm left with trying to describe a legendary producer's laundry list of classics and hits across the pond and beyond to a North American audience that's never gotten the opportunity to be exposed to his versatile talent.

After dropping projects like "Industry Standard" Vol. 1, "Zip Files" Vol. 1 & "Hardrive" Vol. 1 , Terror Danjah is poised for another world takeover attempt with his newly formatted army of artists and the upcoming "Hardrive" Vol. 2 compilation set to the road sometime this Summer. Now when you hear or see the name Terror Danjah you'll realize that he ain't new to this and he's been killin' the game for YEARS.


Kid Hum (Fossil Fuel Music)
Reps: Denver, CO

My boy Travis Glave of the world famous Wake Your Daughter Up first put me up on the Colorado based producer and his instrumental project "Fossil Fuel" following Whygee's "Suicide Watch EP" that he also produced. All you have to do is hear "Fossil Fuel to know that this dude is gonna be a force to be reckoned with for years to come. What does Kid Hum do to follow it all up? He teams up with my boy Khal over at Rock The Dub to drop "Offshore Drilling", a compilation produced entirely by himself and he's currently in the lab with Whygee working on "Suicide Watch 2". Keep on grinding, Kid! We see you.


Slimkat78 (The 1978ers)
Reps: Baltimore, MD/Washington, D.C.

This dude not only is a member of the collective the 1978ers but he's a live session musician for Mushinah. He's also an accomplished beatsmith on the DMV battle circuit. in addition to providing production to several of the best albums made so far in 2009 (Finale's "A Pipe Dream And A Promise", yU (Diamond District)'s "Before Taxes" and Diamond District's "In The Ruff" which will be re-released soon with extra tracks in it's physical release). He also contributed a track to Finale's T.I.M.E. Megamix by King Most. In any event, it'll be hard for anyone to sleep on his skills anymore.



FS Green
Reps: Amsterdam, Netherlands

FS Green is part of a collective that is proving that Amsterdam & the Netherlands and loaded with talented young emcees, vocalists & producers. He's already built quite a following for himself both in Europe and abroad through beat showcases, he & Full Crate's Mixing Monthly series, beat tapes and remixes. The bottom line is you're going to have a gang of FS Green tracks in your iTunes or iPods before it's all said and done. Face the future.



Next up: Georgia Anne Muldrow, Moonsatellite, J.Bizness, Illingsworth & Bilaal Salaam


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