Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dart Adams presents 25 Producers You Need To Hear Right Now (2009 Edition) Part Five

The Last Donut Of The Night © Jay Dee

Thes One (People Under The Stairs/Tres Records)
Reps: Torrance/Los Angeles, CA

Thes One is a damn beast behind the boards
. Perhaps you've heard of his world famous and critically acclaimed Hip Hop group People Under The Stairs? They've recorded 7 projects that were well received by both fans & critics alike over the span of more than a decade. How about Thes One's production artists such as Dr. Oop Capone, Scarub, Murs, Akbar, Mission, Giant Panda, Living Legends & Goapele? Nah? I'm the only muthafucka with a backpack on up in this joint?

Ever heard his instrumental LP "Lifestyle Marketing" before? Did you see DJ Dusk's Root Down Soundclash where he went head to head with in one of the sickest beat battles ever caught on video? It's out on DVD right now! Look, this man was chosen to score the film "Street Dreams" based on his beat making skills and musicianship alone so do yourself a favor and check out his music. Respect.

Slopfunkdust (Beat Fanatic/Beat Society)
Reps: Tampa, FL/Phoenix, AZ

Slop is straightforward. Slop doesn't fuck around. Slop hates wack shit. Slop hates incompetence. Slop makes ill beats. Slop is a Beat Fanatic. Slop has a Beat Society. Slop doesn't mince words. Slop's gonna be at the Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle tonight in Phoenix, AZ @ 8 PM PST. Slop will tear shit down. It's what Slop does. I introduce people to the cats with fire. It's what Dart does. You go listen to Slop's music. Go now, reader. Listen, reader, listen!

Cimer Amor (CAEN Project)
Reps: Philadelphia, PA

This Killadelphia Hip Hop producer has made heat for several underground luminaries such as Sabac Red, Doap Nixon, Reef The Lost Cauze & Louis Logic . In addition to that he's in the CAEN Project whose album "Caesar's Vengeance" created quite a stir on the underground last year. He's recently dropped a remixtape called "Cimer Amor Remixes Vol. 1" featuring his beats over some notable tracks from the past and fairly recently. Check his style out.

Swiff D (Pacific Division/Pac Div)
Reps: Pomona/Los Angeles, CA

Swiff D
is part of the popular Hip Hop group Pac Div. Not only are they one of the groups considered to be the new face of the West Coast but Swiff D is quickly becoming another in a long line of ill West Coast producers. You want hot beats? This is one of the cats you call. DipSet's made the call in the past. He's produced joints for my boy Vandalyzm. Talib Kweli's made the past call as well. Method Man & Redman made the call and Swiff D even produced my favorite jawn on Jadakiss' "The Last Kiss" LP. How the hell are people sleeping on this dude's beats? Pac Div will also be in Phoenix, AZ tonight for Red Bull Big Tune. The festivities start @ 8 PM PST, go and support.

Frank Dukes
Reps: Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

Frank Dukes
came out of seemingly nowhere at Red Bull Big Tune. The truth is that this T.Dot representative has actually been getting it in on the production side for years now before being a runner-up in Detroit and making it to the NYC Red Bull Big Tune Finals. He's crafted gems for Bless, Rugged Intellect, Custom Made, Joell Ortiz, Elzhi & 50 Cent among others in the past but the future is looking bright as fuck for Frank Dukes. That's why he rocks shades all the time.

Next up: 25 More Producers You Need To Hear Right Now (2009 Edition) coming October 2009!


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