Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dart Adams presents A Tale Of Ten Trailers 10 AKA The Economy Is All Fucked Up Edition

The economy is in the toilet but one thing that's always constant is that on the 2oth of every month I make a drop called "A Tale Of Ten Trailers". For those of you that don't know, I use to include trailers in my Dartflix. First I did three back when I did Dartflix posts weekly. Next, I moved my Dartflix posts to bi monthly so I'd feature ten trailers (five from IMDb and five from Apple) with each drop. I did them so often that after a while (about a year) I actually ran out of trailers to post (this includes international and indie films)!

In order to remedy this, in December 2007 I decided that I'd remove the trailers from my Dartflix posts and just post 10 random film trailers on the 20th of every month because I usually post my second Dartflix on the Tuesday closest to the 15th of each month. After the WGA strike it took a while for IMDb's Coming Soon section to get updated past one month ahead so I had to do my own research for about 4 months. Now they're all caught up so things are much easier now.

One last thing, two of my featured trailers are in foreign languages (Tropa De Elite AKA Elite Force and Nitro) because both of their English language trailers fuckin' suck and their short as hell. Both films are in theaters in limited release and will be available on DVD in a few months so look out for them both. Also, the final trailer is for the Clint Eastwood film "Changeling" doesn't have a proper film poster yet. For any information on these films feel free to check out That is all, enjoy and go Red Sox!



Anonymous said...

man, i love seth rogen.
man's a genius.

jonah hill better have numerous cameos in there.

did you see forgetting sarah marshall? (if yes) what'd you think?

Dart Adams said...

@ andrew:

I saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall and I thought it was funny as shit. I'm wondering why this Kevin Smith flick is looking more like a Apatow/Rogen movie than a View Askew one, though.