Monday, September 1, 2008

Dart Adams presents Livications: When They Reminisce

It's Labor Day and as usual I'm working. My other family members are in the living room playing PS3 and cooking food and I'm in front of my laptop in my room finishing this post up. This is the second post in my Livications series were I dedicate a post to one of my favorite bloggers and their site by adopting their format and doing one of their signature posts my but in my own way. Today's Livication will be done in honor of Eric @ When They Reminisce.

The term "livication" or "livicated" was coined by Pete Rock and first used on the InI maxi single for "Fakin' Jax"/"Step Up Time"/"Props". The maxi single was "Livicated To Mark Da Spark". After the untimely passing of Trouble T. Roy I guess that Pete wanted to recognize his people and let them know they were appreciated while they were still around (I mean "still around" in the blogging sense).

With no further ado I present to you all my second Livication of many:

Dart Adams' Top 10 Most Played For The Week on iTunes:

1. J Day’s Theme #3 (Support)-Madlib (prod. by Madlib)

This joint was on Madlib's "Beat Konducta Vol. 5: Dil Cosby Suite". This entire project was a tribute to J Dilla making it a good place to start this particular drop. When I first heard this track I had to play it again right after I heard it. The thing about short instrumentals is that they have high replay value, especially if they're ill. After one week this turned ended up the most frequently played joint on my iTunes, click it to find out why.

2. Billy Club-Wayna f/Muhsinah (prod. by Muhsinah )

Wayna's new LP "Higher Ground" has been criminally slept on to say the least. This track is one of my favorites on the entire album thanks in part to Muhsinah handling the production and appearing on the song herself. This ode to police brutality is one of the most beautiful songs if heard this year. It almost approached Erykah Badu and Georgia Anne Muldrow's "Master Teacher" in total plays when I first heard it months ago...almost.

3. Goodness Music-Buff1 (prod. by Lab Techs)

Buff1's last album "Pure" was in my iPod for more than a year straight and his new release "There's Only One" is looking at having an occupation of equal time if not longer. Half of the songs on this album could be constituted as "bangers" but the one track that got the most burn this week was "Goodness Music" surpassing last week's champion "Dream Streets". If you haven't bought this album yet then I don't know what to tell you except for "stop sleepin'".

4. No One Knows- J Dilla (prod. by Supa Dave West)

This track is from the leaked and yet to be released J Dilla MCA album entitled "Pay Jay". I reviewed it months ago but every now and then I play it while I'm writing something. This is one of the jams that I end up putting on repeat for whatever reason. Hopefully, this album gets the proper release it deserves and look out for Illa J's "R U Listening" featuring Guilty Simpson from the flip side of the "We Here" single off of the upcoming "Yancey Boys" LP. Dilla's still the man.

5. Long Now-Fat Jon (prod. by Fat Jon)

This is one of my favorite instrumentals from the new Fat Jon Japanese import LP "Repaint Tomorrow". I like this album much more than last years' "Hundred Eight Stars" and I'd advise you Hip Hop junkies and beatheads to seek it out. Between this joint "Innocent At Once", "Soundgirl Personal", "Rose Antennae" or "Leyes" I couldn't go wrong. Expect a full review of this album on Friday.

6. Take Two-Vast Aire (prod. by Melodious Monk)

This track is fuckin' Banana Republic. First they use the "Six Million Dollar Man" effect and incorporate into the already crazy track and then Vast merks it. It's amazing how this dude has managed to make arguably two of the top 25 Hip Hop LP's of 2008 (Mighty Joseph "Empire State" and "Dueces Wild") along with Blu (C.R.A.C. Knuckles "The Piece Talks" and Blu & Mainframe "Johnson & Johnson"). I'm probably gonna be playing this joint for the rest of the year.

7. More-New Jack Hustle (Newman & Shawn Jackson) (prod. by Newman)

Producer extraordinaire Newman of Giant Panda ("Fly School Reunion" & "Electric Laser") teamed up with newcomer Shawn Jackson (whose new album "First Of All..." received a Mos Def from me earlier this year) to make a banger in every sense of the word. "More" is just one of many heat rocks from their upcoming album "Sound Check" due to hit stores on October 21st. In the meanwhile, check out their MySpace page listen to the banger "All City Anthem" that won't be on the album and make yourself a new friend.

8. Poundcake-Ayatollah (prod. by Ayatollah)

Ayatollah is one of my favorite all time producers and I have all of his instrumental albums. I still play the hell out of this selection from his newest offering "Louder". If this joint doesn't get your head nodding then chances are that you don't have a pulse...either that or you're just deaf. Click the link if for some reason you've haven't heard this track yet.

9. Catapults-Now On (prod. by Haircut)

Who's Now On you ask? You can find out here. Earlier this year, they dropped the ridiculous mixtape "Don't Call It A Mixtape" and it was all over the bloggerverse and Smoking Section in no time. I put it in my "Late Passes (For Doz Dat Slept)" section months back but I didn't know that the full length was on the way so soon. Next thing you know, I get hit off with a promo version of the new Now On project "Tomorrow Already". After a few spins over the past weekend all I can say is "Dayum!". "Catapults" is a short but funky (No Todd Shaw) track that made it instant rewind material. "Tomorrow Already" will be in stores on September 30th so expect a full review in an upcoming edition of "What's New In Dart's iPod".

10. Drainos-Madvillain (prod. by Madlib)

It's another Madlib invasion! As pissed off as I was that Madvillainy 2 was a remix album with a few new instrumentals and no new verses there was no denying that the remixes were well done. One of my favorite flips is "Drainos" and I guess I played it so much at the beginning of the week that it hung in the top 10 on my iTunes. Otis Jackson Jr. is a beast in every since of the word and I can't wait for his BBE Beat Generation album to leak...I mean drop later on this month.

The rest of Dart's Top 25 Most Played For The Week on iTunes:

11. Upper Echelon-S1 f/Skyzoo, Supastition and Dow Jones (prod. by Symbolic One)
12. Hustler-Kano (prod. by Kano)
13. Papaya-Jackson Conti (prod. by Madlib & Mamao)
14. I Know All The Bitches-Mr. Beatnick f/Ahu (Remixed by Bullion)
15. Two For Pay Jay (No Dough, No Show) -Madlib (prod. by Madlib)
16. As The World Turns-Ave.To (prod. by Ave.To)
17. Strategies-Shawn Jackson f/Guilty Simpson (prod. by Snowman)
18. Sing For Me-Ghetto (prod. by Rude Kid)
19. Stay Conscious-Vordul Mega (prod. by Zach One)
20. Guns Of Brooklyn-Santogold (prod. by Diplo)
21. Lost!-Coldplay (prod. by Chris Martin)
22. Transitional Joint-Elzhi (prod. by Black Milk)
23. Put 'em Up-Rinse (prod. by G Dub)
24. These Days...-Sene (prod. by Mr. Brady)
25. Sticks & Stones-Morgan Zarate f/Eska & Ghostface Killah (prod. by Morgan Zarate)

Next Up In My Livications Series: Dallas



Ross said...


Do you create smart playlists to show you what you listened to each week? Basically I am asking if these are statistically the most you listen to or just your faves.

Anonymous said...

Cool idea and great post. I've been checking WTR since he had the pink background lol (if I'm remebering the right page that is).

Dart Adams said...

@ Ross:

The Fat Tape/CD-R's I post up each Friday are my favorites songs of the week from the internet/bloggerverse. This particluar post was strictly based on the most played songs on my personal iTunes library this past week.


Eric said...

haha.....good looks man, I'm flattered!! Thanks for the propers, good to see you're diggin' the Now ON as well

DirtyJerz said...

Dart...youz a digga fa' sho...I love the the little snippets of beats that some of the great producers like Premo give us listeners as a lil treat...That Group Home album is his best work by far, songs and snippets included. Thats the mark of a great producer. The ability to make a sub-par MC great via beats.

Anonymous said...

How’s it going? My company does marketing & publicity for Illa J. Thanks for posting about Illa J’s track ‘We Here’. I’d like to know what email address I can send press releases, videos and mp3s to for artists that would be a good fit for your site.

We sent this on out recently, which include some of Illa J’s mp3's & pictures:

Best Regards,

Unknown said...

Wattup Dart Adams!

I handle PR for Buff1 and Now On. I know how hype you are about them cause I read your posts! RESPECT!

I wanna add you to my taste-maker list but I need your email. Please hit me back as I have some exclusive ish for you!

Steph [at]