Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Is It Neveruary Yet?

Just a few albums I'm looking forward to hearing and reviewing when they all drop this Neveruary:

Also looking forward to:

Rakim-The Seventh Seal
Q-Tip-The Renaissance
Teedra Moses-The Lioness
Bilal-Love For Sale

MF Doom & Ghostface Killah-Swift & Changeable

I can't wait to finally hear them all this winter!



Sickamore said...

that rae cover is crazyyy! i want a poster!

Sai's album is aight, thats at lest what I heard from a credible source

Anonymous said...

this post makes me kinda depressed, all the possibly great albums that might not even get heard.

dart, did you get my email?

Anonymous said...

What's the deal with the Sai album? First it was gonna drop, then it got delayed, then he left some emo shit on his myspace about quitting hip hop...damn.

Another one on my list: The supposed solo album from Stoupe. That man deserves to have good emcees on his beats.

BTW I found your shit while doing some high late-night web surfing on some nostalgia and came in through the post about Lazer Tag vs Photon. That brings back memories.

Anonymous said...

where'd you get that detox dre album cover...looks a lil weird ha.

and I didnt know Eve was coming out with another album...interesting.

Anonymous said...

dre looks like fresh kid ice of the 2 live crew

papoose did not approve that cover, i hope

how long ago was tambourine?


you should add nelly to the list (hahaha)

Berto said...

Swift and Changeable may be the closest we'll get to a classic album before 2010, so it saddens me that it won't be coming out at this rate. I'm also waiting for Madvillainy 2.

Dart Adams said...

@ Berto:

The remix album that came out instead of the ACTUAL Madvillainy 2 is like a slap in the face to fans in my opinion. Why even call it Madvillainy 2?