Monday, July 14, 2008

Dart's Rant Of The Day: On Random Ignorant Shit

This past weekend has been filled with several random acts of ignorance that have kept the Hip Hop/Urban gossip pages buzzing lately...not that I even give a fuck. In this particular case, I actually do because it's symptomatic of the lack of respect of women in mainstream Hip Hop. I'm going in on some people today because this shit has got to stop and soon. Let's start at the end and backtrack, shall we?

I'm sure most of you have seen this random act of ignorance that occurred last Friday by now. It appears that Terrence J just decided to revert back to his junior high self on Friday because he clearly doesn't know when to stop joking around and do his damn job. I know that he's a grown man and that he finished college that you can make no excuses for his incessant jabs or corny ass "jokes". Rocsi decided to be just as unprofessional as Terrance and walk off of the damn set of a live telecast. This was the boling point of something that had it's genesis a while ago.

This all started way back when the so-called Clash Of The Titans between 50 Cent and Kanye West went down last year. 50 Cent's "Curtis" went up against Kanye West's "Graduation" and lost rather handily. Right around the time the albums were being released a very tipsy Rocsi was interviewed at an industry event and this is what happened:

Now, I don't disagree with her assessment of both projects (and neither did the overwhelming majority of the record buying public) but somehow 50 Cent got it in his mind that he should go hard at her for expressing her personal opinion. You can tell me that as a host on a music show she's supposed to be impartial and even keeled but I respond with "The girl works at BET on 106 & Park!". How is she supposed to represent journalistic integrity while doing a show for screaming teenagers? Does anyone even take her seriously? Methinks not.

That didn't deter 50 Cent, the same man who just recently played an old recorded phone conversation between himself and the now ousted Young Buck on the radio so everyone can see that he truly exudes all of the traits that comprise the dreaded disease Bitchassness. 50 Cent then decided to go at Rocsi the same way every caveman does: by attacking her sexual history.

It cracks me up that every time a dude has an issue with a female for whatever reason that the first thing that they attack her on. It's asinine to me to think that you can allude that a young woman is a "ho" because you know of 4 people that she slept with over a span of 5 years! Now imagine if that same frame of thinking was thrown at 50 Cent. In which case he'd be considered a superhoe. Then former MA area DJ Peter Parker completely pissed me off with this 'ol bullshit:

For those of you who don't know, Rocsi used to live and work here in Boston back in the day ('03) and that's when we saw her on a long running cable access show called "Sweety's Entertainment" as a host/interviewer. Peter Parker then decided to air her out to make his employers happy instead of having some balls and choosing not be a typical dude. All of this is moot because G-Unit's album flopped anyways because it was garbage.

50 Cent has gone after people in the past and even with all of his power and influence he still can't extinguish the careers of the following people: The Game, Kanye West, Fat Joe, Lil' Wayne, Nas, Young Buck or T.I. People are beginning to get sick of his high school antics and it disturbs me that this cat goes worldwide to promote his albums considering that he has nothing real to say and no kind of personal integrity. Attacking a woman and spreading stories about her alleged promiscuity is some basic 9th grade shit to do.

While this whole thing was going down and everyone was just standing on the sidelines like this was a huge schoolyard did anyone do anything besides say "Ooooooh!" and fan the flames? Did anyone point out 50 Cent and G-Unit's obvious ignorance? Did anyone try to step up and defend Rocsi? Why not? 50 Cent isn't in position to end your career anymore...shit, his is going down the drain as I type this! Lil' Wayne moved a millie in one week and Nas's album dropped today and T.I.'s drops next month. Do you really think that 50 Cent has any of the appeal he used to anymore to record buyers? Besides, Interscope is on the brink of death...just ask Busta Rhymes.

In summation, if Rocsi was your sister, daughter or cousin and a major recording artist decided to air out her dirty laundry in public and forced all of his corporate cronies (, G-Unit Radio, G-Unit Street Team affiliates, etc.) to help him out what would you do? How would you feel? Does it even sound fair for an entity like 50 Cent to attack a woman because she didn't like your piece of shit album? The simple solution is to MAKE BETTER MUSIC! Not to alienate and marginalize your own potential fanbase (Yung Berg, I'm looking at you!)

To BET: If you hired professionals in the first place you wouldn't have the problems you're having right now. Whoever comes up with original programming or the shows they air deserves an open handed slap across the face from a member of their same gender immediately. If any of you employees of Interscope or 50 Cent have mothers, daughters, sisters or nieces than you all deserve to be pistol whipped for 30 seconds each as well.

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Anonymous said...

hey dart, thanks for this. i appreciate you pointing out the double standards for women in this rap game. its very hard to always been regarded as T & A, and be constantly marginalized for being female.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was a long read. My respone will be longer. Enjoy. Let me respond this point by point as best I can.

First off, I think that the lack of respect for women in hip hop is a bit of an overstatement. But, that's another topic for another day.

Yep, Terrence J is corny. Noted. Very unprofessional on both parts. Noted. I don't care about TJ & Rocsi's tiff, we have no idea what caused it all and we could speculate all day but that would make us gossiping bitches and I am not.

While you may not disagree with what Rosci had to say about 'Curtis' (BTW the overwhelming marjority doesn't agree with Rocsi's drunken rhetoric, Curtis' first week numbers where rediculously good in comparision to every other rap release in the last two years outside of Yeezy and Weezy), the fact is she was still wrong to say it, for you reasons you pointed out: "as a host on a music show she's supposed to be impartial and even keeled".

And your defense of Rosci is incredibly biased saying ""The girl works at BET on 106 & Park!". How is she supposed to represent journalistic integrity while doing a show for screaming teenagers? Does anyone even take her seriously? Methinks not." Okay, so we're clear, your argument is we shouldn't take her or anything she says or does seriously, but we should respect her. Got it. I always assumed you had to take someone seriously in order to honestly respect them but apparently not. I've been enlightened. Even if the rest of the world thinks she's a joke, she should take herself seriously as a professional and television personality. She should know better than to make public statements when she's drunk at the very least.

This feels like a personal attack on 50 to some degree, as if your own personal dislike of Fif is clouding your better judgement. I'll address the rest of your post in the aggregate because this point on it tends to run together and refer back anyway.

Sure, Fif released a recording of Young Buck crying and acting like a bitch. Sure he called Rosci a pop because he claims to know 4 people who knocked her off. Neither of these instances makes Fif ignorant, it makes him an asshole. Yes it's bitch shit to release a recording of another man crying but how about this: Don't call another man crying. Makes sense to me.

You're right, it is the go to manuever in some circles to call out a woman's sexual history to bring her character into question. But I think all who can claim to be truly adult know that your all of our sexual history is a great reflection of our character, our judgement, our will and steadfastness. You can't honestly believe she only slept with 4 people in the last five years and Fif just happens to know them all. I can only assume Fif moves in a different circle than Rocsi does and isn't checking for Rocsi's personal bidness because he has a multitude of problems of his own. The fact that he knows 4 people who fucked her (it was never disputed) can only tell she does a little more. Safe to assume, she's a pop. Nothing wrong with that - do what you like - but no matter what you do in life expect someone to have commentary especially when you're (somewhat) in the public eye.

I like how everything Terrence and Fif do is childish to you, but Rosci's innocent. I can tell you're the type who blames the messenger. For future reference tho, it doesn't make a person ignorant if they tell the truth publicly. In Fif's case, it makes him an asshole, but not ignorant. It's not a cool thing to do, but let's remember if Rocsi is a pop that she's the one poppin. She busts it open for whoever. The world is filled with pimps and hoes, Fif just talked about those he knows.

Did it ever occur to you that no one stood up for Rosci when her sexual history was called into question because it wasn't flawed?? Maybe everything that was said was the truth.

The Fif destroying careers comment is just dumb. Be real, Fif has no intention of destroying Game and Buck's careers as long as he still gets a check from every record sold (and he does). He never intended to destroy Yeezy's career -- friendly competition. he just threw a small shot at Tip, don't see how that's campaigning to destroy a person. And we all know that Nas is too embedded in hip hop to be destroyed by anyone. Fif's influence marginalized Fat Joe's career into independant releases, which 10 years ago would have been career murder, but in the age of the internet and fringe fans you can't kill any established artist's career anymore.

Fif didn't attack Rocsi, he responded. Rocsi attacked Fif. The simple solution is to not be a pop, be a professional and stop conducting interviews drunk. As a matter of fact, she shouldn't be conducting interviews at all -- she's not a celebrity, she's the media. The media shouldn't be conducting interviews with the media. As long as she is a member of the media, no one should ever hear her opinion. And if she was my sister or cousin and she was actually sluttin' it up, or doing enough to the point where the perception could be she's out there slutting I couldn't complain if someone where to point the obvious. Can't be mad at the truth, regardless of how it's delivered.

Lastly, you're right about BET but I don't watch so I don't give a shit.

Anonymous said...

Oh and be clear, I am not a 50 fan, not a G-Unit fan. I haven't heard half the bullshit they release outside of 'Get Rich...', I've never seen the movie and damn sure didn't buy the book. I don't give a fuck about Fif. Just to be clear so you don't go in on some Fif stan shit.

Anonymous said...

I hear you, except what did this have to do with the way her co-host was treating her on that episode?

Dart Adams said...

@ john weston:

50 Cent is a corporate entity and a cultural icon with hundreds of people on his payroll. There is NO way that Rocsi could attack him on any level. My point is why would 50 even care what Rocsi says about his album in the first place? Is he THAT insecure?

Was this a personal attack on 50 Cent? Hell yes? It was also a personal attack on everyone employed by G-Unit that went along with 50's childish campaign, BET and every gossip blog and site in which no one said "Hey...50's grasping at straws here. Why is he going at a girl because she didn't like his album?"

How can she be accused of "sluttin' it up" if she isn't on some Karrine Steffans type steez. Is 50 considered a slut then? I see what you're saying but I don't buy it.

The reason she walked off the show could've been attributed to the cummulative stress from hearing her name in people's mouths and having her personal B.I. put out in the street. Ever thought about if someone did that shit to YOUR sister?

That's all.


A.Legend said...
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Anonymous said...

@ Dirt

I'm with Obama. I believe in personal responsibility. So if someone where to call out my sister and imply she was loose I could only look at my sister's actions as a point of reference and decide whether or not that someone was wrong. For me it isn't about whether or it's the cool thing to do, but is it wrong?

And there is no way Rocsi could attack 50 on any level except a personal attack aired publicly, which is exactly what happened. Don't pretend Rocsi is altogether powerless because she isn't on Fif's level. But again, she made the statements and it's about personal responsibility. No one told her to say the things she said. And she should have known better.

And Fif didn't respond to a critique of his album, there are people who get paid to do that and none of them have been thrown under the bus. That bullshit she said wasn't a review, it was calling into question Fif's merit as an artist and to some degree as a man. That was the attack Fif responded too.

It's a damn shame you're setting the barometer for promiscuity at Karrine "Superhead" Steffans. You must expect little from your sisters. And yeah, Fif is probably 8 or 9 times the man whore Rocsi ever will be, but that doesn't excuse anyone else's behavior. Saddam Hussien isn't a good guy compared to Hitler. They're both bad guys.

Whatever her reason for walking off the show and putting her career in jeopardy, it was her reason. Her decision. Fif wasn't in the audience heckling her, no one carried her off set, she walked her skinny ass off all by her grown ass self. Get some measure of perspective man, seriously.

Dart Adams said...

I don't condone her walking off the show. That was unprofessional as hell and I never said it wasn't. BET fucked up by hiring both her and Terrance in the first place (I wrote that at the end). 50 Cent DID overreact and act like a typical asshole bully with his whole campaign against her..he was in the wrong and there is no way around it.

Should she have come out and dissed 50 in the first place? No. Was 50's "response" warranted at the level he went about it? No...the man owns a phone and he could've got her number hella easy. That's how a grown man handles shit.

She was wrong. 50 was wrong. BET was wrong. Everyone who stood on the sidelines and didn't say shit and let his all go without previously pointing any of this out (or telling 50 to stop being a bitch) was wrong.

Anybody else wanna limp? © Reggie Hammond


Anonymous said...

Okay, I see we're coming around to a similar line of thinking were no one is innocent and no one is a victim. My last point of contention is this: 50's response was warranted at the level to brought it to because that's 50. It's what he does. He's an asshole, we know this. If it was a good guy like Talib Kweli, we could all say 'that's uncalled for!' -- but it's not, it's 50 and we know what is to be expected.

What wasn't warranted and unexpected was Roxy making the comments in the first place. Like I said, it's not a vj's place to shit on artists on their countdown. That was Carson Daly's problem when he was a bitter (but otherwise still relatively relavant, unlike now) host and producer over at MTV. Rocsi was out of pocket, she brought whatever else happened on herself, and I think everyone who stood one the sidelines saw if that way. If I'm poppin shit at Mike Tyson, I'm probably gonna get my ass beat. To.Be.Expected.

Anyway, nice blog. Keep doing what you're doin, venting and stuff.

Dart Adams said...

I see what your saying, John. I agree wih you in principle except that I maintain that SOMEONE should've stepped up and had Rocsi's back and told 50 to go fuck himself.

We need checks and balances, she MIGHT possibly be a bird but that means she's an easy target to someone like 50 meaning that folks should've been like "go at someone that would've posed a challenge".


Anonymous said...

I didn't know all thi background on that scene Rosci made, I figured it was that time of the month and was going to blow anything out of proportion.

After reading your post I still think Rosci was on the rag but I can see why she wasnt having it that day.

I agree with John on pretty much everything, I dont think you would sit idle if someone called your sister a slore though. Even if she is a hoe, theres pride and family name that needs to be upheld. I know if your sis became a infamous hoebag, people are gonna start looking at you sideways, this will lead to confrontation and such IMO.

AJ Menon said...

The most sensible piece of writing with the word 'Dipset' in the vicinity...ever!

On the real, these so called beefs got to end. Grown men airing out all the dirty laundry all over in public like high school girls. Campaigning against a TV show girl? Recording a private conversation with someone in your own crew and then putting it out to the public? Where Im from, only lowlife b!tches and half-genders would do that. And he wants to claim gangsta after all this!!!

P.S. Atleast with all that money he should hire a decent ghostwriter for Yayo...and himself. T.O.S, if you take a few beats away, the rest of it is so shitty its already got fleas on!

Well...To think I wasted a couple minutes of my life on this!