Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dart Adams presents 12 Stories Of Record Label Drama: The R&B Video Edition

Growing up in and around the music industry (I got some stories that I'm taking to the grave with me) I was around when a lot of artists and groups were floating around in what seemed like a recording industry with an infinite number of labels. Everyone's dream was to get signed to a record deal, I knew that that was only half of the battle.

Once you finally signed that deal, you could go from being elated to hating your situation in a heartbeat. Groups and acts often got shelved or dropped for the dumbest reasons: some of the group members need to lose weight or aren't "pretty" enough, the lead singer/artist sounds or looks too much like someone that's already on the market, the lead A & R on the project got fired and out of spite all of their projects get shelved by the label, too many artists on the roster, the record label/imprint folded or in some instances they just don't know how to properly market a unique talent.

These 12 groups all had different stories that led to them having serious issues with their labels and in many cases some of their albums never even came out. One day you see their video on BET or MTV, then they're on Soul Train and doing the network TV and promo tour circuit and then...nada. I decided to go left and do something completely different today, this might take some of y'all on a trip down memory lane:

Pretty In Pink-All About Me All About You

Good 2 Go-Never Satisfied

Ebony Vibe Everlasting (E.V.E.)-Groove Of Love

Sista-Brand Nu

Gyrl-Play Another Slow Jam


Lysette-Young, Sad & Blue

Nicole Wray-Eyes Better Not Wander

So Plush-Things I’ve Heard Before

The Truth f/Keith Murray-Everyday

Kiley Dean-Make Me A Song

Deemi-Soundtrack Of My Life



MartiniCocoa said...

I remember seeing the Deemi video on BET earlier this year...I guess she got dropped, huh?

Dart Adams said...

@ i am not star jones: To make it worse, that video is from early 2007 and she's been signed to that same label since 2006. She hasn't been officially dropped or released from her contract as of yet and the label insists the album is coming soon. *Rolls eyes*


Lion XL said...

yo..you can probably include 80% Bad Boy artists on this list. That whole MTB second season should be on this list. Every one of them dudes (and ladies) lost when they signed to Bad Boy....

Aaron said...

Oh chit! I forgot about The Truth. Props! I coulda gone the rest of my life not remembering Good 2 Go though so I guess one balances the other out.