Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ether: The Stuff That Makes Your Soul Burn Slow

As we all know, the new Nas LP has been leaking song by song over the past 2 or 3 days until it was widely available for download online on quite a few sites starting late last night. One of the sites that featured download links to the album as well as several other Nas songs that were released previous to it on Green Lantern & Nas' "The Nigger Tape" and the Grand Theft Auto 4 OST is Hip Hop Bootleggers.

The uploader Deap didn't like the a matter of fact, he hated it. I don't mind if people don't like an album because everything isn't made for everyone. What I like might make your ears bleed and vice versa which is why I made my review blog with the format I have rather than rating albums on a scale based on my personal ratings. I instead put the onus on the listener/customer to listen and decide for themselves ultimately. What Deap wrote on HHB went a little beyond normal music critique, though. Underneath the download link for Nas Deap wrote:

I thought this CD was trash...the production is weak as fuck.
The lyrics in this act like Nas was forced to the back of bus or some shit...
Does it makes you cool to say the word "nigger"?... YAWN
Im sick to death of the race card being dropped by kids that have more opportunities than most all of us, white, black, hispanic, asian, etc. ITS SOCIAL DISCRIMINATION NOT RACIAL!
Nas is just trying to regain his BLACK street cred after being called out for shit efforts as of late.
Lets pour out a little liquor, light A candle and feel sorry for the oh-so rough life Nas has...

This comment rubbed me the wrong way, I have to admit. I just thought to myself that perhaps Deap didn't have the knowledge of American history, race relations in America or the proper mental faculties to understand exactly what the album was about or to properly comprehend it's themes. Before a shitstorm of comments and Cbox posts landed on this page and Deap could potentially come under fire I posted this comment immediately:

Dart Adams says:

What the fuck are you talking about? This album is genius on every level...I take it you never experienced any of the things he was talking about on this album. I guess you never heard a Last Poets, Richard Pryor or Paul Mooney album (which this album's themes were based on).

If you didn't comprehend the album then that's on you. I suggest you take down those comments because they make you look like an asshole/dickhead/idiot for real. Save yourself the grief.


In the CBox I left this little tidbit:

3 Jul 08, 12:41
Dart_Adams: Deap, if you feel that way about the Nas album then you just didn't "get" it. It wasn't made for you anyways. One.

Deap didn't quite understand what I was saying in my comment about it not being for him (he's clearly not an American) and he jumped to conclusions. Then he made some comments that could be construed as questionable. Read on:

3 Jul 08, 12:41
deap: its not made for ANYONE

3 Jul 08, 12:41
deap: hahahah sure thing dart

3 Jul 08, 12:43
deap: he talks bullshit then talks about people needing to come together (all races)..... you cant put 14 songs about how black people are still viewed as "niggers" but then expect everyone to come together...... you dont get it both ways.... either bring people together OR spit your feel sorry for my race drama

3 Jul 08, 12:44
deap: i love how people think theres a 'message' on that cd.... give me a fucking break..... its OK for blacks to be racist but then we should all get along???? are you kidding me?

3 Jul 08, 12:44
deap: baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa said the lamb

Then Deap updated his comment regarding the Nas album after being inundated with less than favorable comments and Cbox messages to post this sarcastic amendment:

After the masses told me I was crazy for having an opinion that wasnt so favorable, ive decided to have a change of heart. This is the greatest fucking cd ive ever heard in my life. We should just get Obama in office, pass a bill to enslave white people and have Nas redo the national anthem. Lets change the flag from red white and blue to red black and blue. OHHH and NAS FOR VICE PRESIDENT!!! Clearly from these lyrics hes interested in the well being of our ENTIRE NATION. GET THIS CD!!!! IT IS THE MODERN DAY BIBLE!!!


Then frequent commenter Danksta decided to chime in with these gems:


Danksta: OMFG @ Dart! You saying you have to be black in order to like his new piece of shit album? Give me a fucking break. Ppl need to stop playing the race card. You actually encourage racism by doing this. Quit actiing sterotypical and always saying it cuz your black. Poverty and discrimination hit every singel race. People like Nas are the black KKK. He's a racist. You don't have to be white anymore to be a racist. What a waste of oxygen.

The point is that not everyone is going to understand this album and that making it opens up the lines of communication so that people from all walks of life can have a real dialogue about racism, identity, racial discrimination and other issues of that nature.

The problem is that by making some of the statements they made now Deap and Danksta may now be viewed differently by the internet community at large just because they clearly don't understand the full scope and breadth of this album from an artistic standpoint and can only focus on "the beats" or are pissed because it's not "as good as Illmatic". Either way, read the full exchange for yourself and form your own opinions.

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Dr. Nostrum's Ether: The Stuff That Makes Your Soul Burn Slow.



Danksta said...

Get a fucking life. They are far better examples of albums that cover the downfalls of America. Nas is a racist against white people. He plays the card all too many still try to play...THE RACE CARD. Guess what? Racism doesn't care if you're white, black, asian, hispanic, etc...ANYONE can speak racist comments. Nas is a fucking racist. If he truly believed in what he tries to preach he would never have let them change the title of his album. Instead he backed down like a fucking pussy. Why? MONEY. Nas had more money than 90% of us. He's had a great life. Maybe not all, but when he's time is up. That 90% of us, aint gonna be loaded like he is. And I didnt bitch about the beats. Never once did i discuss the beats. Get your fucking story straight. It's a commercial mainstream piece of garbage generated only to make money. But go ahead and follow the heard...

Just get a fucking life and stop posting chat logs. Do you think i care what a bunch of dorks online think of me? Give me a break. I hate you all equally. I don't want nor do I need your support. Suck my dick and fuck off.

Dart Adams said...

@ Danksta:

You keep digging a deeper hole for yourself. Just stop already because you can't take back what you already wrote.Nas use to live in the Queensbridge Houses project for the first 20 or 21 years of his life so what gave you the idea that he had a silver spoon in his mouth?

As far as the issue with the beats goes, that was a comment that Deap made. Slow down and read everything first, Danksta.


Danksta said...

haha, get outta you mom's basement pussy.

Dart Adams said...

@ Danksta:

What's wrong with you? You ask me to participate in a discussion with you and then you respond like a teenager on a messageboard. I'm over here being real with you and your hurling insult and not saying anything with any real merit.

You're making yourself look mad ignorant right now.


Anonymous said...

good thing we got danksta (fake UK white boy hip hop head) keepin it "real" and tell the "truth"...gtofh. I like how they get really E-thuggish and 10 year old on the internet like with their well thought out and justified by facts responses, real grown up homies. All I see is Nas is racist, and race card, blah blah blah. When on the entire fuckin CD did he says he hates all white people, or shows that he's a racist?! guys need to re-listen and not just listen to the "beats". It's funny they think Nas is being racist towards whit epople and he dont like white people???...shit guess you guys must have never heard of Malik Zulu Shabazz or the Nation of Yahweh or Eldridge Cleaver...I say pay them no mind Dart. I love this new trend of white people doing outcries of reverse racism...there may be a good amount fo black people that dont like white people and what not...but none of that shit will come close to slavery in terms of racism, desinigration, and degradement of black people as a race.

DocZeus said...


Commenting thoughtfully on race and pointing out systematic oppression does not make one racist. It makes one thoughtful.
Nas may or may not be playing the race card but he's not playing it to gain some sort of imagined advantage.

I don't quite share your enthusiasm for the album. Although, I will broadly say I kind of like it. I think it suffers from the same problem all Nas albums do: production. I liked the mixtape a hell of lot better, though.

Anonymous said...

plus there's this new trend Dart, of people talk real slick and fucked up on the internet (and another country mind you) and not having to deal with any real consequences for what they say...they can jsut log off and go back to they bullshit fake lives and not worry about someone either challenging them.

Danksta said...

awwwwww mark. you know me sooo well. I aint from the UK fucko. And im white who care? racist fuck

Danksta said...

i can go all day mark. i aint hiding you fucking bitch.

Anonymous said...

It's a commercial mainstream piece of garbage generated only to make money.

dude must have listened to an entirely different album. seriously...


And im white who care? racist fuck

aight so you aint from the UK my bad, I got you mixed up with your homie on that UK site.

I dont care if you white? I am too?... so what did you prove by stating lookin real suspect right now cause you are coming to soem quick conclusions...better slow down buddy.

so I'm racist? and why am I that?...give me good reasons instead of talkin like a bored 12 year old off for summer vacation shit talkin in a gay/lesbian chatroom.

Danksta said...
i can go all day mark. i aint hiding you fucking bitch.


I'm sure you could, good for you, your mom and pops should be proud. Who's "hiding"?... were on the internet you hump! is you malfunction. You would say half the shit you sayin right now if you was talkin to somebody in real life or not on your computer...seriously now.

Danksta said...

haha okay mark you twat...

Danksta said...


Anonymous said...

haha okay mark you twat...


point proven.

see Dart, like I said before, you aitn gotta worry about this lil dude...he's no threat or worry.

you can't be older than 22...I don't argue with kids.

you have no points/facts/anything to back up your "arguments" so no need to even have a discussion.

*goes back to the J-O*

"for serious serious!"

Danksta said...


Anonymous said...

awww dont worry here you go I'll stoop to your level...

awwwwwww! you too pussy to respond numbnuts?

your mommy didn't let you suck the nipple long enough when you was a lil bastard?

awww dont worry I'll let your moms suck my dick while your lil sister/neice watches, then I'll pistol whip both the bitches that okay?

...did I do that right? Did I speak your language right?



Dart Adams said...

Wow. That went nowhere fast. I won't be doing anymore posts like that again. This type of shit isn't what Poisonous Paragraphs is about. Good lookin' out for having my back in this Mark but Danksta just can't be reasoned with, don't stoop to his level with the insults.


Ass Hat said...

it's funny - nas' critics often claim that his politics are half-baked and incoherent. fair enough - this side of dylan or chuck d, what pop lyricist ever got beyond that?

but compared to some of the responses he generates, the guy's outpourings look like chomsky lectures. for one thing, he points out throughout the album that racism is merely one form of oppression, often acting alongside and reinforcing social, economic and gendered inequalities. i can't see how deap could make the objection he did having listened to the album.

keep on standing up to nonsense and calling out bigotry, dart.

also, content aside, nas' rapping on this album is very, very good.

Anonymous said...

About the album, it seems very average to me. Its consistently middle of the road from start to finish and lacks the stand out tracks that even HHID had. The production just isn't there, and there isn't a hope in hell your telling me the likes of, Salaam Remi, or Cool n Dre are the best producers Nas could have used.
What I will say is that the album sticks well to the overall theme and is well paced (although starting a Hip-Hop album so slowly isn't very clever).

However, there is little doubting that Nas'politics / philosophy / message is confused, switching as it does from a pro-black to a 'we are all the same' viewpoint. Ultimately, Nas is not an intellectual on the level of a Boots Riley or Chuck D and it shows. Shit even the Invincible and NYOIL albums say more about American society then 'Untitled'.

All I want is to hear Nas spitting over good beats. 'Untitled'fails to provide this.

Dart Adams said...

@ orizio:

I respect your opinion and I actually agree with you on the production aspect but I personally looked past the lack of "bangers" and focused more on the overall theme/concept of the album.

I can easily see how this album would be viewed as a disappointment to some listeners. Thanks for posting.


KC1 said...

yo dart, forget about the fools on hhb, for the record i cant stand any of them...

keep up the good work bro!

Anonymous said...


Keep doing what your doing Dart, you were right to call that clown out. I'm not a big fan of Nas or this album, but that HHB review was pure ignorance.

also lmao @ this:
"Racism doesn't care if you're white, black, asian, hispanic, etc.."

Anonymous said...

I understand why some people would find the theme of the album hard to accept. That's why Nas made it. 90% of the albums now a days use the word nigger and never has any of "us" really paid it any mind. Why does it hit so much harder with this album? This album is no different than any of Nas's albums BETWEEN "I Am" and "Hip-Hop is Dead". Lyrically incredibly detailed, production lackluster. I've never been a real fan of Nas but there is no denying he is one the greatest lyricists ever. With "Hip-Hop Is Dead" He learned to make a complete body of work, an "Album". We will discuss this "Album" the same way "HHID" was discussed because it's well thought out and speaks to what is going on right now. How many of you have had the thought with regards to Obama "They will never make a black man president", not the belief the thought. Your lying if you say you haven't. They wanted to ban the word nigger in hip-hop. Could you imagine? Some MC's would have nothing to say. Krammer went off and yelled nigger on stage and had to publically apologize to ALL black people. Wow, what other word can u think of that has that impact?? Replace the word "nigger" through out an album with "black man". Brand Nubian did it. X-Clan did it. PE did it. Now take every time those groups used "black man" and replace it with "nigger" The effect is different isn't it. Same message all Nas is doing is hitting you over the head with it. By calling the album "Nigger", the art work, the song titles and the campaign gives it a harder effect. "Untitled"'s subject matter isn't much different than his other albums. But the idea of a central theme makes it more interesting to listen to. Most of the greatest albums of all time had a central theme that ran through the whole album. Think about it. Nas just choose the word nigger. This is a typical Nas album, lyrically fire, beats meh.. (but they fit the emotion of the song) if you like that you will like this. If you thought "Hip-Hop is Dead" was refreshing because it's a true "Album" with one of the greatest MC's ever (the reason I like it) you will enjoy this for the same reason. If you thought Nas fell off after "Illmatic" and "HHID" did nothing for you should still give it a listen but it could be your last for quite sometime.

Anonymous said...

for the record danksta is the same herb/fool/feebleminded/goofball/lightweight/s.o.b/ignorant /ricflair loving jerkoff who thinks its funny to upload pictures of children who have down syndrome and then says its a humourous gesture when their is nothing funny at all about this issue.

HHB needs to get rid of these "smiles" as they are a disgrace to the hip hop culture..

fuck danksta


Anonymous said...

danksta you are a fucker.

I urge everyone to find a track called The World Is Yours by Nas.

Just one track negates everything this fucking faker is saying.

QED mf.