Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dart Adams presents This Week (June 2008 Edition)

I know that some of you are kind of annoyed by my Boston Celtics related posts but it’s been 21 years since the Celtics were last in the NBA Finals and it’s a big deal to me and other long suffering Celtics fans. With that said, I’m going to touch on some things that have gone on this past week:

I was frequenting a gang of blogs yesterday and I visited a popular blog run by some fellow Bostonians called Honorable Media. In one of the posts, Reecie made an interesting statement after posting of one of Young Joc’s latest offerings wondering when he was going to make something other than inane crap.

That particular post really set something off in me so rather than just go to another site I posted an immediate response in the comments section. I find it funny that some of us think we have no choice other than what’s being offered for mass consumption by these major labels.

If Reecie from Honorable Media didn’t think the song had any real artistic merit then she could’ve just as easily refused to post it and find something by Jasmine Sullivan, Ayah, Janelle Monae or a gang of emcees have recently released in it’s stead. We are not hancuffed as bloggers, people. We choose what and what not to shine light on. We're in control, don't ever forget that.

If it’s clearly garbage then do what you do with garbage and dispose of it. That’s what it is anyways, disposable music. Corporate controlled, mass marketed disposable music and radio stations with the same ownership playing the same songs repeatedly helped fuel the P2P/file sharing/CD burning phenomenon in the first place.

Just because every other blog posted a song doesn’t mean you have to as well. At some point we have to realize that the problem with the mass media is that they create an oversaturation of the same information, images and music. Think of why most people hate mainstream radio and muic television stations now.

Now realize that if these blogs and bloggers don’t make the effort to diversify their content and find their own individual niches instead of posting up what Nah Right, Oh Word, Ill Roots or 2 Dope Boyz already posted were headed for the same fate as the mainstream news media and terrestrial radio. We’re supposed to be in the Information Age, let’s all act like it!

As many of you should know, the WWDC (Worldwide Developer’s Conference) is being held and Apple has just dropped a damn bombshell regarding the new iPhone and it's capabilities/price points. I know hella folks that ride or die for their BlackBerry (Dallas, Mo, I’m looking at you!) but when I finally decide to stop being an online amalgamation of Ghostface Killah, Keyser Soze, Rorshach and Bansky and decide to take an actual job and get a phone I’m copping an iPhone.

My brother Buctayla currently rocks a Treo and like myself he's an Apple fanboy but he won’t cop one because he thinks Cingular is owned by Satan’s uncle or some shit like that. I can't be tied down by contracts right now, I'm too busy being a damn internet pirate.

Finally, the long awaited Metal Gear sequel “Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots” dropped after a 2 year wait. It showed up in the form of various demos in the past 2006 and 2007 Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) thus whetting the appetites of gaming fans the world over. The reason this game is so important is because it’s a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

As someone who owns a PS3 let me say that not only is it a multipurpose/BluRay DVD player but it plays CD-R’s and DVD’s filled with almost any kind of media and you can even link it up with your Mac and use it (PS3) to play media that you have on your desktop hard drive. This can be one of the first killer aps to help the PS3 finally turn the corner and make up even more ground on the X Box 360. We’ll see.

I won't be playing this game, instead I opt to watch my brothers play it. I'm terrible in games that you can actually die in for some odd reason unless they're of the role playing variety. I'm getting hella good at Tekken 5 which I bought online and downloaded for my PS3, though. Raven is my dude.

My boy Matt Mason (RWD, Vice), the author of "The Pirate's Dilemma" has made the book available for free digital download keeping with the spirit of the subject matter. Being that it's the first published book that ever quoted me and it's about a subject that's near and dear to my heart I believe it's a necessary read to understand the future of the marketplace across the board thanks to technology. Check it out here

Finally, tonight is Game 4 of the NBA Finals and I hope that Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett will show up tonight and help the C’s take a game in the Staples Center so they can take a commanding lead in the best of seven series and once again sit in the driver’s seat.

If the Celtics can somehow manage to take this game then two of the final three potential contests will be held in Boston with a chance for the Celtics to secure the championship. First things first, the Celtics have to win and in order to win they must play well and execute their game on offense and defense. Kobe is the league’s MVP for a reason.

Tomorrow in “What’s New In Dart’s iPod #34 AKA The Paul Pierce Edition”, I’ll review Green Lantern & Nas’ “The Nigger Tape”, DJ Whoo Kid & Bishop Lamont’s “The Confessional Mixtape” and Little Brother’s refixed mixtape “And Justus For All...”. Look for it tomorrow afternoon, people. Go Celtics!

Ubuntu! © Boston Celtics



Chivato said...

really great writeups here dart...this blog is one of the few I've started to check daily and you've definitely carved a nice in the blogosphere

Anonymous said...

BlackBerry! Do or Die!!!

Dart is THE man.




Anonymous said...

100% true. There's way too much quality music/food/film/etc. out there. Just takes time to find it.

I cheer for LA but won't be at all sad if Boston wins - but I hope for some 7-game series heroism from Allen, Pierce, and Garnett - just to shut up the Skip Baylesses of the world.

Berto said...

I hate hate HATE it when I talk to so-called hip-hop fans and they tell me "oh, there's no good hip-hop music anymore, corporations killed it, blah blah blah." It turns out, of course, that they don't lift a finger to find and listen to any skilled artists. Blogs aren't that hard to find; shit, even reading HipHopDX is a start. Congrats on the Celtics' win last night, hopefully they'll wrap this up on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

True what you said about blogs. If I wanted to know what's playing on MTV I'd switch on the Tv, not go searching on blogs that post the same bullshit.

New iPhone at $199 was a surprise to me too I'mma get that shit I think it's coming November down here.