Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Closer Like John Papelbon AKA The Boston Massacre

Last night the Celtics completely obliterated the Los Angeles Lakers in front of a loud ass crowd in The Jungle and sent a message to all of the naysayers, doubters, non believers, haters and pundits that didn't think that they could get it done. How do you get back at everyone that has something slick to say and disrespects your squad (Spike Lee, Peter Vecsey, Jamelle Hill, I'm looking at you!)? The answer is simple: win and win big. After 48 minutes of near perfect basketball the final score was: BOS 131 LA 92.

The Boston Celtics didn't want there to be any shadow of a doubt who the best team in the NBA was all year long. No one was as mentally or physically tough as this team. They walked through all competition and no matter what kind of adversity they faced it never mattered. They were focused on getting the job done at any cost. You can't beat a squad like that if you're a finesse team, the Dallas Mavericks learned that lesson the hard way back in 2006.

Kobe Bryant still won't admit that the Boston Celtic defense had his number all season long. Phil Jackson had to finally acknowledge that the Boston Celtics were the better team. I told you all this would happen, didn't I? Congratulations to the 2008 NBA Champion Boston Celtics. The parade is tomorrow at 11 AM, Boston!

The trio of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen have all moved into the rareified air reserved for the immortals in NBA history. This all but secures a spot in Springfield for the three of them. This win was for all of Boston. It was for Red Auerbach, Dennis Johnson, Reggie Lewis, Len Bias and all of the long suffering Celtics fans all across New England and the entire United States. For those of you that are hating this...Take that, take that © Diddy

One more thing before I bounce regarding my hometown: One of us equals many of us © Guru

As far as the bloggerverse is concerned I AM BOSTON. That will never change and I won't apologize for reppin' my hometown...EVER.

Ubuntu! © Boston Celtics



S-Diggy said...


19 years i haven't seen a celtics team in the finals. 19 years. and the first year i do, WE TAKE OVER.

props to Rondo for having the game of a lifetime. people gonna forget his performance. they shouldn't

Mr. Johnson said...

Dart -

Thanks for all the C's drops. Really helped me feel like I was back in the bean after moving away less than a year ago (just in time for my favorite team to transform into champions again).

Good looks on the re-up of the Employee #8 post, and can't wait for the RL post (or as Bob Cousy would say back on Channel 38, "Wedgie").