Monday, June 16, 2008

Dart Adams presents 2008: The Halftime Show

Seeing as how we're halfway through the 6th month of the year I thought I'd once again remind the folks out there that Hip Hop is very much alive. To some of you this feels like I'm preaching to the converted but to others I'm merely talking out of my ass. I'm going to post a list of 75 Hip Hop albums, EP's and mixtapes that based on your different preferences and tastes are floating around the internet and bloggerverse or are available for purchase in your local record store right now.

Since the Celtics couldn't close out the Lakers last night, this is the perfect day to post this up. Now without any further ado, the 75* recommendations for the halfway mark of the calender year 2008:

Nicolay & Kay-Time: Line
Torae-Daily Conversation
Emc-The Show
Wale-The Mixtape About Nothing
Atmosphere-When Life Gives You Lemons You Paint That Shit Gold
9th Wonder & Jean Grae-Jeanius
Tanya Morgan presents IlWil: Beat Thieves 2
Tanya Morgan-The Bridge EP
J-Live-Then What Happened?
Akrobatik-Absolute Value
Finale & Spier 1200 presents Develop
Tanya Morgan & DJ Soul-Tanya Morgan Is A Rap Group
Pete Rock-NY's Finest
9th Wonder & Buckshot-The Formula
Black Spade-To Serve With Love
The Roots-Rising Down
Fat Ray & Black Milk-The Set Up
Braille-The IV Edition
Kids In The Hall-The In Crowd
Carlos Nino & Lil’ Sci present What’s The Science?-Elevation
Focus presents Dedicated
Presto-State Of The Art
AZ- Undeniable
Analogic & Rashid Hadee (A & R)-Serenade For The Moment
Re Up Gang presents We Got It For Cheap 3: The Spirit Of Competition
C.R.A.C Knuckles-The Piece Talks
Now On & DJ Houseshoes-Don't Call It A Mixtape
Blue Sky Black Death-Late Night Cinema
Little Brother-And Justus For Al...
Guilty Simpson-Ode To The Ghetto
LMNO & Kev Brown-Selective Hearing
Del-The 11th Hour
Custom Made-Original Dynasty
45-Hello Friends
Don Cannon & DJ Drama present Asher Roth-The Greenhouse Effect
Kooley High-Summer Sessions EP
Kaze-Block 2 The Basement
Kollabo Brothers-For My Peoples
Cyne-Starship Utopia
DL Incognito-A Captured Moment In Time
The Camp-The Campaign
Living Legends-The Gathering
Nico The Beast-No Beast So Fierce
Amanda Diva-Life Experience
ST Da Squad-The Album
Qwel & Kip Killagain-The New Wine
Common Market-Black Patch War
School Of Beats-Lesson 3-The Progress Report
M1 Platoon-M1 Invasion Mixtape
Access Immortal-Last Summer In Brooklyn
Omer Saar-The Green Album
Lil’ Wayne-The Carter III
DJ Whoo Kid & Bishop Lamont-The Confessional
Prolyfic & Reanimator-The Ugly Truth
Astonish-From Now Until Forever
Mighty Joseph-Empire State
DJ Green Lantern & Nas-The Nigger Tape
Little Vic-Each Dawn I Die
Rashid Hadee-A Change Gonna Come
Esoteric vs. Japan-Pterodactyl Takes Tokyo
All Natural-Elements (Fire)
Lone Catalysts-Square Biznizz
Time Machine-Life Is Expensive
88 Keys-Adam’s Case Files
Pace Won & Mr. Green-The Only Color That Matters Is Green
The CAEN Project-Caesar’s Vengeance
Cadence Weapon-Afterparty Babies
DJ Green Lantern & Charles Hamilton-Outside Looking

*There are another 20-25 joints I could've easily added to this list but that would just be overkill/TMI/sensory overload in my opinion.

Ubuntu! © Boston Celtics



Chris said...

what about your own personal top10 so far?

Anonymous said...

The Nas and Green Lantern mixtape is better than a few of those. Also, was Buff 1's Pure released in 2008? That's a quality record.

Dart Adams said...

It IS in there, look again. Also I think Buff1's "Pure" came out in either 2006 or early 2007.


Elijah said...

nas is deadout now