Monday, April 28, 2008

Dart Adams presents Please Listen To My Demo! © EPMD

I've mentioned it quite a few times but back in the days I used to be an emcee. I was actually kinda nice with it and I used to regularly win impromptu freestyle battles at several train stations all over the Boston Metro area (Orange, Green and Red Lines) and Downtown Crossing between the years of 1989-1996.

I was like a Hip Hop monk, constantly studying and listening to different styles to try to perfect one of my very own. During my formative years, I often began to sound a bit too much like my influences leading me to try to come up with an unfuckwittable style that would make me go down in emcee history. I filled up notebook after notebook with rhymes.

My younger brother, Buctayla was in a group that was really huge in Boston between 1993-1995 called Relentless. They had several songs on the radio, did shows all over and they even opened for the Wu Tang Clan when they did that infamous Strand Theater show in Boston.

Labels didn't want to sign them because they wrote their own rhymes (and knew what publishing was), produced their own beats (and knew what the going rates for production/budgets were) and they wouldn't go for having the A&R's tell them to go for a different look or sound.

After several labels courted them and passed for different reasons over the years, they broke up and some members went solo. In 1996, Buctayla and Nasarok formed a new group called the Realm Organization (Relentless Everlasting Analyzing Life's Meaning) and I came back from Morgan State and decided to stop bullshitting and try to "get signed".

We pooled our resources and formed an indie label called Xtensive Nterprises Recordings (so as not to be sued by Hasbro or Sunbow Productions) and recorded our own tracks. Buctayla and Cardi both did production and we cranked out hella 4 track recordings between the years of 1996-1999.

After I got my "severance" pay from Tower Records, we upgraded our studio setup again and Buctayla had bought a DAT machine and a new sequencer. We had that setup for a while before the vote against rent control and gentrification ran us out of our home of 24 years.

We bounced around for a while before settling in to the home we have know. Our crew splintered and several of them moved to other spots. By 2002, it was just myself, Buctayla and Cardi. I retired from trying to be an emcee back in 2006. I missed my chances back when I actually could've got on and when the indie/Backpack Era was kicking I was busy working 100 hours every two weeks at Tower Records.

After 9/11 happened I knew that my career would never really jump off. I did the ghostwriter thing for a while but I got bored with writing ignorant shit for dudes that didn't know there was only one "z" in the word "Uzi".

Whenever I spit shit that I thought was ill, it went over people's heads. Whenever I spit some shit that sounded like the mixtape bullshit that pervaded the market that's when people loved it. I was completely confused as an emcee between the years of 2002-2006. I had NO idea what was going on. I was fed up with the game and hoping people "got" my rhymes or "caught" the obscure references in my rhymes. I was on some real "John L." shit (see Purple Rain if you don't get it) for a while.

I sent out my tracks to several DJ's and compilations and I kept getting responses like "Damn, this is dope!" You can spit!" "Unfortunately, it doesn't fit the format of our compilation". I got sick of being told "You got some rhymes, son!" which is "niggaspeak" for "You make that backpacker shit that I don't listen to!."

I got so sick of being that dude that was posting up his tracks on different Hip Hop messageboards (and reupping them constantly when no one commented) that I realized that I was part of the problem with Hip Hop myself. I quit posting up my songs everywhere and retired from emceeing.

The second I stopped trying to critique everyone because I was "better" than them things began to get better for me. I started writing on different messageboards and bridging gaps between people rather than trying to convince them to listen to my new freestyle.

Here are a couple of Muxtapes I made up from some of my old ass demos and some of my favorite tracks produced by my brother from the same era in which I was working overnight and as a manager at a local CVS wondering why I wasn't doing what I was supposed to be doing with my life:

Dart Adams' Old Demos (as Poisonous Dart) (1999-2006):

Buctayla's Demos (Hellsenda Productions) (2002-2006):



Spaiseone said...

damn homie, i came here expectin' to see some disappointment. whats up with your boys, yal should be ashamed. Atlanta? yal lookin like Dallas circa last year.

still ain't doubting the victory, but yal lookin' mighty weak right now.

What It Is said...

most depressing post ever! I feel you on a lot of that. Looking forward to checking out you shit tonight. I hope you reference Scarface and top-shelf liquors.

Dart Adams said...

They went to Atlanta and the Hawks finally showed up. They stepped up and played great basketball to beat the Celtics twice in Atlanta. If your team gets outplayed what can you do? Cry about it? Hopefully they pull it together in Game 5 and can win Game 6.


EricSepulveda said...

Your blog is dope. I enjoyed reading about you emceeing and how people only wanted to hear lame shit. The public is stupid.. thats why the radio music is so lame.

Ive been looking all over for a few singles, and I found one of em on your site, but the link is down. If you have the time, I would greatly appreciate it if you could re-up the link to "Thirstin Howl III-The Polorican/Brooklyn Hard Rock 2/Skilled Or Be Skilled (2000)".

Thanks in advance!

HolyManSound said...

Big up Dart and all original Boston Hip Hop. I fux's with both of your muxtapes and will pump on the regular. Hope to see you at the Mothers day walk for peace on the 11th.
Uphams Corner Stand Up!

@slushygutter said...

my man, I knew some of the mean 'net streets had some MCs with the flow. Good stuff. Don't blame you from "retiring", the game tires alot of people out.

Can you break down the "infamous Strand Theater show" ? Never heard of that.

KC1 said...

word up dart, i would like to check out your stuff but i cant seem to work out how

Passion of the Weiss said...

This is some really dope stuff Dart, you should be very proud. This is better than 95 percent of the rappers you write about.

Passion of the Weiss said...

Or I write about for that matter.

Dart Adams said...

@ Jeff Weiss:

Thanks for saying that but as we all know that isn't enough to crack into the Rap game. I ultimately realized that I loved the writing aspect of emceeing more than anything.

I should've wrote my graphic novels and screenplays sooner instead of trying to battle Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel clones in front of sub shops and inside clothing stores. SMH.


Anonymous said...

Dart, I'm going to listen to your stuff later on, but I'm betting that it's dope and I haven't heard it yet. I'm working on some music and I like to collaborate so I'd like to get you on a track if you think that's fine. If not, no hard feelings at all, but do think about it.

I also thought your Celtics were going to get bounced out of the playoffs for a moment there. They were looking very beatable and then game 7 happened and we got reminded real quick of who we're dealing with. You better hope they stay in LeBron's ass like they were doing 'cause he had a bad game and they still only lost by 4 points.

So there you have it, and hit me up at 'cause I'd like you to drop a verse. Peace.


Dart Adams said...

@ ill chemist:

I'm retired from emceeing. It would take something major to get me out of $50,000.

Nah, for real. I'm done with writing anything other than blogs, screenplays, scripts or treatments. Graphic novels? Yes. 16 bars and a hook? No.


Anonymous said...

So comic book writing is up your alley? I'll keep you in mind for a future project then that'll have that sort of element within it. Yeah, trying to emcee can take it's toll on you if certain things don't go the way you expect them to. Personally, it just gives me more ammo.

Good to see the Celtics still hanging on and after they handed that first loss of the series to the Pistons, they might actually make it. I had them losing that game, but now the Pistons have to step up to win. Honestly as long as the Spurs don't make it to the Finals, I'm good to go.