Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Last Shall Be First

Last night the Boston Celtics played the Charlotte Hornets on the road in hopes of not only clinching home court advantage throughout the entire playoffs but to break the NBA record of the largest one season turnaround. To make it that more difficult to do, Coach Doc Rivers decided to rest the remaining members of the Boston Three Party (Paul Pierce was back in Boston with his fiancee and his newborn baby girl) and start Leon Powe, James Posey and Tony Allen in their places. The fans who paid to see Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen were understandably upset...they weren't for long.

The Celtics ended the first quarter up 37-25 and it looked like it didn't matter who the C's put on the court, as long as they wore green it was all good. The Celtics were led by Leon Powe (22 points, 9 rebounds) and James Posey (19 points, 3 rebounds) and they outrebounded the Bobcats 54-35 and won in a laugher 101-78.

The win raised the Celtics record to 61-15 and gave them home court advantage as well as the distinction of being the most improved team in NBA history as last year they only won 24 games. The scary thing is that there are still 6 games left on the regular season schedule and the Celtics are already in a playoff mindset. 

This team is focused, determined and deep. In their minds, they've accomplished nothing as of yet. Even though NBA insiders and analysts discuss the MVP race the green team remains undaunted, they want only one accolade this postseason, to be the next NBA champions.

Anything less would be uncivilized.


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