Monday, April 14, 2008

Dart Adams presents Supreme Rap Misses

The last time the good people at Ego Trip put together a show for VH1 I wrote a piece about it so it's only right that I do it again now. Tonight, Ego Trip's new (alternate) reality show "Miss Rap Supreme" airs. This shit is going to get astronomical ratings based on the long teaser trailer that premiered on the web this afternoon.

I was already familiar with three of the ten contestants on the show, one being Khia and the others being Dighton, MA's D.A.B. (Down Ass Bitch) (or as I know her "the chick that always raps about heroin") and Byata, the Brooklyn native that appeared on two tracks on "Wu Tang Meets The Indie Culture". None of the remaining contestants interest me much as far as talent and artistry are concerned, though.

I decided to post up my own personal list of Supreme Rap Misses. I grew up in an era chock full of female emcees that demanded respect and earned it with their lyrical ability, drive, determination, conviction and talent. That's the criteria I used for picking these ladies. They continue to great tradition that Lisa Lee, Debbie Dee, Sha Rock, The Sequence, Mercedes Ladies, Peblee Poo, Dimples D, Sparky Dee, Lady B, and others began.

A tradition in which the torch was passed to Roxanne Shante, The Real Roxanne, Suga, Antoinette, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Salt N' Pepa, Finesse & Synquis, Lin Que, MC Trouble (R.I.P.), Nefertiti, Heather B, Bahamadia, Nikki D, Paula Perry, Precious Paris, Monie Love and they kept it lit and passed it to another generation of female emcees. Problem is that the new generation of female emcees is endangered at best.

In this current industry climate that only female "rappers" that get constant attention are Kid Sister, Amanda Blank, Uffie or Yelle. No disrespect but none of them are gonna get a Hip Hop Quotable or make you rewind their verses like "Oh shit!"...ever.

Here is my list of female emcees that keep the beacon lit and are preserving the culture of Hip Hop:

Jean Grae

Tiye Phoenix



Psalm One

Salute to you all. When you watch that show tonight, remember that these ladies all exist and because of them and their contributions to the culture Hip Hop will NEVER die.



Chris P said...

how you forget rapsody?

Anonymous said...

It's my fault that Lin Que isn't getting her shine right. I'ma change that up in a few.

Dart Adams said...

@ Dallas:

Lin Que is one of my all time favorite female emcees.


padraig said...

nice to see you include Baby Blue - I enjoyed her appearances on Sway's album. has she released anything of her own? oh, and on the UK front, what about No Lay? "Unorthadox Daugher" was one of the best tracks on the first Run the Road. I wonder what the hell ever happened to her.

Dart Adams said...

@ padraig:

I wanted to include Shystie but the material on her MySpace was lacking and her outfit in that pic? Huh?

No Lay is M.I.A. and Lady Fury got merked forever by Shystie. Lady Sovereign? Hells no.


Anonymous said...

Excellent selections! You know your shit!

Eternia said...

Wsup -
this is beautiful, proud to be on the list
shout out to helixx C. and Pri the Honey Dark from Anomalies...
and Queen Herawin from Juggaknots as well.
many females who u are like, "what have they done lately?" are doing shit that we just don't know about!!

Just rocked Tufts, hope to get back to boston!


Anonymous said...

WAIT...How you forget LAURYN HILL??!!!

lets not forget her verse on " Zealots"...she killed that shit...if not one of the dopest 16's ever spitted!!!!

come on now.

Dart Adams said...

@ anonymous:

This isn't an ALL TIME list. It's about right now and lest I remind you that verse on "Zealots" is about 12 years old now and Lauryn has pretty much swore off rhymin' since her sessions with the Fugees years ago.