Thursday, April 3, 2008

Competition? Inspiration Is None

Days like this where I haven't felt particularly motivated to write about anything don't happen very often but when they come they hit hard. I currently have three mega posts halted because I've ran into a wall with researching them. I have stacks of old Blaze magazines and XXL's (back when it was actually worth reading) on my floor next to the SAO and Adidas shoe boxes I pulled them out of in hopes of finding inspiration that would spark me to write something...anything. No dice.

On days like this I usually pop in a Hip Hop related film and I feel better by the next day. I'm going to have to watch quite a few of my regular go-to flicks to snap me out of this. Nothing but a bunch of meh mixtapes came out so I don't know what to do about tomorrow. Anyways, here goes my film viewing rotation for the night below (the last joint is Stones Throw 102: In Living The True Gods for the uninitiated):



writous said...

heaving vaste air talk in the def jux documentry is the greatest thing ever. hes so ny. you havnt heard anyone say candy bar like vaste.

Dart Adams said...

@ writous:

I can't tell you how many times I've seen that Lola De Musica Def Jux documentary. I have it memorized verbatim, it's one of the greatest things ever.

"You didn't know that this was the Apocalypse?"

*calmly into camera*

"We're all gonna die"


Anonymous said...

That Def Jux documentary was outstanding. My favorite is watching Vast Aire spit the wackest off the head freestyle I've ever heard from a respected MC.

Beat Kings was disappointing though.

Mike Evans said...

Wild Style....
Damn, rest in peace Frosty Freeze.

He was keeping the rock steady for real.

Dart Adams said...

@ Michael:

My entire week of posts next week is dedicated to Frosty Freeze RSC.