Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dart Adams presents 25 More Producers You Need To Hear Right Now (October 2009 Edition) Part Five

Last call! Last call y'all! © Tha Alkaholiks

Dorian Concept (Kindred Spirits/Ubiquity Records)
Reps: Vienna, Austria

In 2005, Dorian Concept released a project called "Nouns And The Relevance Of Wood", the masses remained asleep. In 2006, he dropped a project titled "Seek When Is Her", the overwhelming majority of people remained in hibernation. In January 2008, he presented us with the "TrebleO Beat Tape". It was 15 minutes of Korg infused genius. The people began to stir. Later that year came his contribution to the "FM4 Soundpark Studio2 Session" with Ginga. The people rolled over and rubbed their collective eyes then thought to themselves "What's that music?".

Just when they attempted to roll over Dorian came out with song after song after song until people just woke the fuck up and asked the question "What is your album called?" "When Planets Explode". Then they copped it and stayed conscious from then on. At least they will if I'm writing the story...

Eric G. (Justus League)
Reps: Seattle, WA

The first time I heard an Eric G track was the lead single "Callin' Me" off of Torae's "Daily Conversation" album. Next I heard the bangers "Think About It" and "Taylor Made". Eric crafted more heat for his Justus League affiliates Chaundon and Big Treal in the offing but his name has come back to the forefront after his notable contributions to Skyzoo's "The Salvation" ("Bottom Line" & "For What It's Worth"). I wondered who was managing him (it's not Big Dho) so I asked Torae & Skyzoo on Twitter. In either event, Eric has a bright future and he's clearly in good hands. Be on the lookout for him.

Rob Bates (Giant Killer Music/Insomniac Music Group)
Reps: Chicago, IL

Why is Rob Bates' production company called "Giant Killer" do you wonder? That's because the young producer has already survived a bout with cancer and beat the odds then. He also beat the odds again when as a bystander in line he heard that they were short a competitor in the Red Bull Big Tune Chicago round last year and he said "I got beats" handed an organizer some headphones fired up his iPod and ended up onstage. Now Rob Bates is a sought after beatsmith with his foot in the door of the industry at large. Do your thing, mayne!

Chief (Feelin' Music)
Reps: Lausanne, Switzerland

You may have never heard of Chief before seeing his name in this list but let me tell you now...he's kind of a big deal. Chief has crafted gems for a laundry list of Hip Hop, R&B/Soul luminaries such as Blu, Moka Only, Skillz, Guilty Simpson, John Robinson AKA Lil’ Sci (Scienz of Life), Main Flow, El Da Sensei , J-Sands (Lone Catalysts), Kenn Starr (Justus League), Dynas, Wayna, Brea, Kissey Asplund, Les Nubians, Tha Connection, Co$$, Sene and more.

Chief is on the verge of unleashing his opus "Collabo Collection" on Hip Hop heads Stateside November 3rd so you all have a few weeks to familiarize yourself and prepare for it. Again...You're welcome.

Jaisu (Beat Fanatic)
Reps: Edinburgh, Scotland

Why is Beat Fanatic Jaisu on this list you may ask? (Why, I dunno) Here are 5 reasons: One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Any questions? I didn't think so. I must first warn those of you that haven't clicked the links yet that the sounds you are about to hear could be devastating to your ear and they may cause you to nod your heads furiously while making the scrunchface. Beat Fanatic wins again! S-Type I see you! Class dismissed!

Next up (November & December): Dert, Foolery, DJ Houseshoes, Stro The 89th Key, Judah, Tomato Juice, Fulgeance, Soil & Pimp, Haz Solo, Stevo, Elaquent, The Clonius, S-Type, Len?ko, Monopoly, Sapient, Brizzo, MoSS, Bless Beats, Burial, Owusu & Hannibal, Shuko, Marv Won, Metabeats, Mike Gao, JR & PH7, KELS TN2, etc...



Ray Juss - Brokenhomes said...

jaisu must of moved from scotland down to london? hmmmm the big beats are being made in scotland right now

Twelve Original Players said...

No doubt son; we're killing it right now. Prepare for the takeover!