Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dart Adams presents 25 More Producers That You Need To Hear Right Now (October 2009 Edition) Part Three

As we proceed to give you what you need!... © Diddy

EQ (Desiac Music)
Reps: Houston, TX

Last year, it was announced that the first female contestant in the history of Red Bull Big Tune would be competing in the Houston preliminaries. It turned out that she ended up the runner up to eventual winners Sound Mob and earned a trip to NYC to compete for the title. Since then, EQ's returned to Houston with a renewed desire to kick down the door to the industry & remove the glass ceiling. She also opened a lot of eyes so look forward to more female producers making noise at future beat battles and producer workshops to come.



Devonwho (Klipmode International Sound Agency)
Reps: Portland, OR

If you've never seen Devonwho do his thing live or heard any of his production previous to now, don't feel bad. No, I take that back...feel bad. Be angry at yourself. Now download his instrumental EP "Waves" and play the fuck out of it as punishment. If anyone dares asks you who Devonwho is, smack 'em in the face with this then this. You're excused. Oh...you're welcome.



Michita (Libyus Music)
Reps: Obihiro/Hokkaido, Japan

I've been listening to the chilled out Jazzy vibe Hip Hop of Satoshi Michita for years now but I decided that enough was enough, I needed to put other people on to that music I've been nodding my head to as I travel around the Metro Boston area (or the damn supermarket). In any event, go find and cop his albums "One", "Two", "Three" and his collaboration with Haiiro called "Soul Session". You won't be disappointed.


Benga (Tempa/Hyperdub)
Reps: Croydon, South London (UK)

I've a fan of DnB since 1995, then I got into 2 Step a little, then I got heavy into Grime & Dubstep in the early 00's. As you would expect, it was tough to stay abreast of considering there were few Americans that was as enthusiastic about the genre as I was around at the time. Messageboards and P2P sites like Kazaa & LimeWire offered an opportunity for Americans such as myself to keep abreast of the latest Dubstep happenings or choons.

Right around 2005, blogs started popping up left and right, thus making it easier to follow what was going on with our friends across the pond. On of the most prominent was a young prodigy called Benga. It was clear after hearing each successive remix and selection that this kid was sick with it. Once I heard "Diary Of An Afro Warrior" even though I was already onboard I knew I'd heard a classic recording. If you can front on "26 Basslines" then God bless you.


Teebs (Brainfeeder/Poobah)
Reps: Chino Hills/Los Angeles, CA

I'm already playing myself if I'm going to attempt to describe Teebs or draw comparisons between him and someone else...therefore I won't. All I'm going to do is allow you the opportunity to listen for yourselves and draw your own conclusions. Nah, fuck that...Dude is a beast, son! Art, skating, beats...whatever. Don't sleep cuz sleep is the cousin of Death.


Next up: Newman, 6Fingers, Grooveman Spot, Kode9 & Powell


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Anonymous said...

EQ's vanity domain and Myspace page are down, which is a shame because I had to resort to using Google Image Search to verify that she is, in fact, twice the cow she appears to be in the photo in your post:


Look at the cascading tiers of lard, each like its own tire in a three-rung Michelin Man. The skin-tight (lard tight?) leopard-print top leaves no jiggle to the imagination, and her chins are like monuments in miniature to the bubbling rolls of fat on her stomach.

In short, this woman could be the dopest producer since Pete Rock (although that's not very likely), and still I would be unable to get past that photo.

I'd also like to note that it has occurred to me that what I've written is mean, but any qualms about posting this were immediately squashed by the original photo of "EQ" mean-mugging and posturing like the lardtastic ghetto slore she is.