Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dart Adams presents 25 More Producers That You Need To Hear Right Now (October 2009 Edition) Part One

In my 34 years of life I've accumulated a fair amount of knowledge about music. This is due to the fact that I've been immersed or have immersed myself in it since age two or so. I love Hip Hop with all my heart and soul but that not all I love. Also, I realized long ago that music is a worldwide thing and there are interesting beatmakers, producers and composers all over the globe. I've been listening to and monitoring all of these producers, beatmakers and composers for quite a while and I figured it's about goddamn time I featured them on my site and shared with the rest of the class. Enjoy:

KenLo (Qwerty Musique)
Reps: Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Back in early 2008, I stumbled across an instrumental project called "Craqnuques (Noir)" by the Quebec based beatmaker known as KenLo. With each successive release I've found myself downloading and playing them immediately. Here we are in Fall 2009 and I just recently uploaded "Craqnuques (Rose)" and put it in my iPod Touch. I have more than 100 KenLo beats on my iPod Touch and I will kick an album I really like out in order to add more if it should ever come to that. Do yourselves a favor and "Listen!" © Raphael De La Ghetto

fLako (Kwatro/UpMyAlley)
Reps: Berlin, Germany

The first time I ever heard a fLako selection was off the Up My Alley 12" compilation "Beatnicks Vol. 2". His track "Inside" made me raise the People's Eyebrow. Next, I heard his remix of "Vortex Cookies" then the collabo joint with Shaunise called "Untitled" off the BBE "Dirty Soul Electric" compilation. By this time, fLako was officially on my radar. This year has brought us the fLako & Noir's brilliant free EP "Pearls" and fLako's debut project/beat tape "First Spaceshit On The Moon". I see you, kid!

Mr. Beatnick (Shhhhh!/Tru Thoughts)
Reps: London, UK

Mr. Beatnick
isn't new to this. I used to rock to his mixes and remixes for years until it finally hit me how often the name "Mr. Beatnick" kept popping up on the heat I was nodding my head to. It was all brought into focus when I heard his track with Ahu "I Know All The Bitches". After his track "Diving 4 Pearls" and his remixes of "Underlined", "One Woman Army" & "Walk" it was impossible to not be completely aware of his moves. You have my undivided attention, Mr. Beatnick. Play on, playa.

Exile (Plug Research)
Reps: Los Angeles, CA

I've known about Exile's production for so damn long I actually began to take him for granted. During my backpacker days I was a huge fan (still am) of his group Emanon ("No name" backwards for the slow). I first remember seeing his name on the classic debut from Styles Of Beyond "2000 Fold" and well as the Emanon "P.S.I./Iambland/Outside Looking In" 12" back in 1998. The next year delivered the Emanon "Acid Nine EP" featuring production by Exile & DJ Cheapshot as the team called Dirty Science.

Dirty Science brought us gems such as "Imaginary Friends", "Anon & On" & "The Waiting Room" and Exile went on to produce tracks for mainstays like Blame One, Deep Rooted, Blu, Kardinal Offishal, Mobb Deep, Fashawn, Shawn Jackson, Co$$, Fresh Daily and others. If you've never heard his solo LP's "Dirty Science" & "Radio" or his collaborative projects with Blu ("Below The Heavens") and Fashawn ("Boy Meets World" drops on October 20th) or bore witness to the havoc Exile can wreak on on MPC before than take this time to familiarize yourselves....then smack the shit out of yourself for sleeping on him for more than a decade.

Floating Points (Eglo Records)
Reps: London, UK

My first encounter with Floating Points' music was a mix of a few of his selections I heard earlier this year. That led me to his 7" ("For You/Radiality") and his 12" ("Love Me Like This/Shangrila") for all the track I'd heard in the mix. In the Summer I heard a new 12" ("J&W Beat/K&G Beat"), "Esthian III" then his track "Peroration V" off of the prestigious "Brownswood Bubblers Four"compilation. Last month, he dropped his "Vacuum EP" and I said to myself "Fuck it, he's gonna be on my next producer list!". Here he is...

Next up: Erik L, Fabio Musta, Cadik, Juuso & Annu



rf said...

floating points for the sure shot.

rap music said...

very nice indeed... thanks

Laurent said...

I think i remember seeing one of your first producers to hear now lists ages ago but didn't really tick with it.
Now I have. thanks for showing me some ppl i didnt know and also reminding me of and showing me unheard projects by people I know.
Oh and if you haven't heard them already can i recommend the following producers for your radar:
- Om Unit (UK / Terrorhythm)
- Ichiro (Japan / Olive Works)
- Lambent (Japan / PMC)
- Samon Kawamura (Japan)
- Kaman Leung
- Lorn (US / Brainfeeder)
- Ad Bourke
- Jamie Vex'd (UK / Planet Mu)

apologies if you already covered them, havent had time to sift through the entire back catalogue of producer posts.