Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dart Adams presents Dart, Are You Awake?

Another issue with being a semi anonymous blogger is your credibility level. Things that I like or love I write with passion about and things I dread and absolutely abhor tend to get the same treatment. The thinking is that I can thoroughly shit on certain things and people without fear of reprisal or retaliation because no one knows who I am. One of the problems with Hip Hop journalism is that people are afraid to say what they really want in this new climate for fear of being branded a "hater" or being approached by an artist. This isn't why I haven't revealed who I am yet as I'd say/write the exact same shit if my identity was publicly known.

I used to have people tell me that they loved or hated what I did as an emcee and I eventually discovered that everything isn't for everybody. I don't feel that certain artists aesthetics work for me and since I have my own blog I can be open with that and my biases towards others as well. Everything is out in the open here. Whereas if I worked for a magazine and I hated Lil' Boosie's face yet I was still given the album to review it would be seen as that magazine saying they'd "rather knifefight Jack Bauer underwater with a punctured lung and a cracked clavicle than listen to another minute of this drek". On Poisonous Paragraphs you know that the person that wrote that was me, myself and I alone.

Don't get it twisted and think I talk all this shit because I'm safe behind this persona. I write like I talk for the most part so anything I type on this keyboard you should imagine that I'd say it to you if you were standing directly in front of me. It's like Hex Murda said to me on Twitter a while back, based on what I wrote he thought I sounded and looked like my avatar so if he saw me I better not look like Fievel. Nah, there's a reason why I picked that particular picture of Luke Cage as my avatar and why I put it at the top of many of my posts. You instantly think that what you're reading is coming from that guy based on how I write. It's all a conscious decision I made long ago.

One day, I'm going to have to be seen and interviewed so it's important that I'm myself as much as humanly possible when I write. The whole purpose is for any reader of mine to feel like they have somewhat of a grip on what I'd say about something or be curious to hear my take on something. Then there's the whole question as to why I don't have any contributors to Poisonous Paragraphs or why I won't post up content for other sources here...well that's pretty goddamn simple. How can I truly call this MY blog if I have everyone else's shit on here? I've written in excess of 560 blogs in 28 months for an average of 20 a month and I haven't even scratched the surface of subjects I can write about yet. That's why I'm still up at 3 AM writing this very same sentence right now.


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