Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dart Adams presents Charles Hamilton's iPod Playlist

By now we all know that Charles Hamilton played himself by jacking a Black Spade track directly off of his MySpace page, recorded a track with the same title as the original song and placed it on one of his many mixtapes ("The Pink Lavalamp"). When he performed it @ SXSW, Black Spade approached him to tell him he liked what he did with the track but asked him how he acquired it. Charles Hamilton lied through his teeth and claimed it was his track and that his voice was on it...not Black Spade, the original producer...who was right in front of him...who had heard the track. You can't make this kinda shit up!

When approached again and again and asked about the subject, Charles continued to lie. Not only did he lie, but he constructed quite an elaborate and dramatic back story to explain the creation of said track (a track he clearly didn't create, mind you). He claimed that he had witnesses, he claimed that he could recreate the track and that he had the ProTools sessions to prove he created it from scratch. Black Spade and his team just sat back and watched Charles play himself. When he presented his "evidence" and it did nothing more but further prove his guilt he cried and stuck to his "story". Black Space and his people (B Money, Tef Poe, Vandalyzm, etc.) took Charles to court on some old school Inspectah Deck shit.

Website after website pored through Charles' mp3's, elaborate excuses, video footage or lack thereof and they all found him to be guilty of general Hip Hop thievery, excessive lying and wearing too much goddamn pink. Charles Hamilton now needs to avoid St. Louis altogether and to be frank I better never see him walking around Boston myself. Charles also claimed that there are no more rules to Hip Hop...he's right and he's wrong. There are still rules, it's just certain muthafuckas feel as though they don't need to follow them. He'll still be signed to Interscope and release a mixtape a week it seems but I will no longer feature his mixtapes in my Late Passes (For Doz Dat Slept) and I'm done with this cat. We already have talented cats like Haircut, 14KT, Black Spade, Danny Swain, etc. making better music than him so fuck this dude.

I decided to recreate one of my favorite writing exercises and drop a new edition of my iPod Playlist for lyin' ass Charles Hamilton. He can rock to this playlist while wearing his pink Beats By Dre headphones and crying into his Sonic sheets in his pajamas while his girl consoles him. From the bottom of my heart, fuck Charles Hamilton, Sonic The Hedgehog and Dr. Robotnik. Now I present to you, Charles Hamilton's iPod Playlist:

Beat Biter-MC Shan
Thief's Theme-Nas
Pink Punk-Zbigniew Namysiowski
Why I Lie-Ray J
Watch Your Back-Tucka Da Huntaman
Pinocchio Story-Kanye West
Suckas Need Bodyguards-Gangstarr
Steal My Sunshine-Len
Shame-Cesar Comanche
Go To Hell-Joe Budden
Fake-Alexander O' Neal
Do The Right Thang-Ludacris co-starring Spike Lee & Common
Rhymin' & Stealing- The Beastie Boys
Thieves In The Night-Black Star
Don't Lie-Black Eyed Peas
Gun In Yo Mouf-Danny Brown
Not For The Bullshit-Black Spade
Say What's Real-Drake
Stole-Thirstin Howl III f/Rack Lo & Richie Balance
Shark Niggas (Biters)-Raekwon f/Ghostface
Bitches 2-Ice T
The Truth-Jake One f/Freeway & Brother Ali
Sonic Destroyer-X-101
Don't Body Ya Self-Nas
Still (Steal) Shinin'-Mobb Deep
Protect Ya Neck-Wu Tang Clan
Lie Lie Lie-Bonnie Pink
Countless Excuses-PPP (Platinum Pied Pipers)
The Rules-Saigon & Statik Selektah
Sorry I Lied To You-Termanology
Frontin'-Vandalyzm f/D-Hendrix
Sonic Nitemare-Groove Lines
Steal A Little-Rufus Thomas
Apologize-Timbaland f/OneRepublic
Over And Out-Hustle Simmons f/Buff1

What Would Spade Do? Feel free to add on!



silva said...

cuban link - still tellin lies
squeeze - tempted (by the fruit of another)
PE - who stole the soul
50 cent - how to rob

Kid Hum said...


Don't forget ChumpsinPink by my man Whygee!!

Its perfect for this.

Danny! said...

How could you forget "Beat Biters" by Missy Elliott? LOLz!

Unknown said...

To think, I saw this douche on Current TV.

Unknown said...

Linda Tripp by El-P
7,000 To Date by El-P
Potholes in My Lawn - De La Soul

theBside said...

Hahahaha...I'm still dying after reading this post...

The "Fuck You Symphony" by Milly Jackson basically describes how I feel about dude. I can't lie, I used to like him and "Brooklyn Girls" was my joint, but he made too many bad decisions and his music has suffered because of it.