Thursday, January 1, 2009

104 Weeks Later AKA 483 Posts In 731 Days

It was just a year ago when I wrote this post in celebration of my first full year on Poisonous Paragraphs. This blog has now been in operation for two years and I've finally begun to make some headway in the game. I've been quoted in books, referenced in other writer's articles and oftentimes I've even been asked for advice. Since I'm still eating ramen noodles and only spending money on necessities I find that it's interesting that people would come to me for anything but that's whatever.

I've actually been given a few opportunities lately thanks to my tireless work and damn it, I'm gonna take full advantage of 'em. It's about time that I turn this into what I've treated it as for more than two years now...a job. This blog is my resume. Folks that want to see any of my "writing samples" just come here, Craigslist be damned. Below I listed some of my favorite blogs of the past year. I had to leave some drops out otherwise it would've gotten ridiculous (who am I kidding? It already is!).

Thanks to all my readers for actually blocking out time to read the ramblings of some cat who doesn't know when to stop writing over these past couple of years. Special thanks to the entire city of Boston, Odiesel, Rideout and Sickamore. If you still haven't had enough of my bullshit from this site or my MySpace then please feel free to follow my musings on Twitter. Here are some of my favorite posts from the past year:



zillz said...

congrats man! prolific! you def have one of the BEST hip-hop blogs on the net.

Dallas Penn said...

That is a mean resume Dart. Okay, you are hired.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Poisonous Paragraphs - I hope this leads to something lucrative. Few out there hustle like you do.

c0dec said...

easily my favourite hip hop blog. i'm so hooked, your blog kills off any temptation to check out other hip hop blogs out there.

keep at it.