Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dart Adams presents My Favorite Hip Hop Documentaries Or Concert Films

Since I really have nothing to review this week and I decided to write something I could get paid for first and rather than post a long drawn blog out here I figured I should keep with my previous theme. Here are a gang of my favorite Hip Hop documentaries and concert films from recent years. Considering the wide array of these type of DVD's are available on Netflix I decided to highlight my favorites. Just a word of advice, please avoid the Mobb Deep DVD's like the plague unless you're just a diehard fan. Enjoy:

Wild Style (1983)

Style Wars (1983)

Definitive Jux presents The Revenge Of The Robots (2003)

Boot Camp From The Front Lines (2003)

Black Moon: Behind The Moon (2004)

Stones Throw 101 (2004)

Scribble Jam Archive Number 1 (2005)

Scribble Jam Archive Number 2 (2006)

Deep Crates (2004)

Deep Crates 2 (2007)

Beat Kings: The History Of Hip Hop (2007)

Scratch (2001)

Stones Throw 102: In Living The True Gods (2008)