Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm Gonna Review These Joints Tomorrow 3: The Final Conflict

Tomorrow's review blog is entitled "What's New In Dart's iPod #42 AKA The Anniversary Edition" and it commemorates the 52nd week that I've been doing weekly album reviews for leaked projects. It'll feature an extra long Fat Tape/CD-R and I'll break down the long and interesting history of "What's New In Dart's iPod" and why/how it came to be. I'll explain how I came up with the "Cop It Or Not" record review system, how I came up with the whole Oh No, Maebe (Maybe) and Mos Def idea and why I don't rate albums on a numerical scale like most review blogs do.

I'd like to thank all of the heads out there that send me e-mails and tell me that my weekly review blog is their main source of information for upcoming under the radar/indie Hip Hop/music releases. I appreciate the love and thanks for reading Poisonous Paragraphs.



Berto said...

Aww, no CYNE review? At least you're doing N4L, I wonder if you're just as underwhelmed as I am.

Dart Adams said...

I put CYNE's new LP in my Late Passes last week. Unfortunately, I can't review everything so I have to pick and choose my battles. I have to put off the new Koushik review to next week although I got it yesterday.