Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Grime Time 2

Previously I posted up some proper Grime songs and videos for my readership back in May but the thing about Grime is that it's aesthetic is best understood when it's seen live. It was created as a live artform to be performed at open mics, clashes or raves. In the early days of Grime (2002-2005) the majority of the most memorable sets happened @ shows/raves and on pirate radio shows in and around London. The live element of spraying your bars with your crew interjecting and hyping it up is what made it so unique.

The Grime aesthetic and the Hip Hop aesthetic are different. Beats sometimes sound too fast (140 bpm+), too bass heavy and distorted or maybe in some cases too minimalist to most Hip Hop heads. Grime emcees often repeat their bars and do things to fill in time reminiscent of old school emcees during park jams.

Oftentimes they sound like they're offbeat or even maybe a bar late to Hip Hop heads. Keep in mind that they are an evolution of Garage and 2 step emcees with mostly Reggae and some Rap influences so they aren't emulating Elzhi, instead they're trying to be recognized as the top boys in Grime and nothing else.

I put together some of the best quality (video and audio wise) live Grime sets I could find on the 'net through YouTube (there are hundreds). Search for the Lord Of The Decks, Practice Hours, Risky Roads, Aim High clips and the list goes on to see what you'll find. Keep in mind that this artform was born from the 2 step/UK Garage scene and slowly evolved from 2000-2002 before completely obliterating that scene and becoming it's own animal in the Spring/Summer of 2002.

Here are some of my favorite live sets largely set @ Kiss 100 FM with my boy Logan Sama (Respect to Kiss FM, Logan Sama TV and Adamantium Music) and some live footage from sets @ Radio 1Xtra hosted by the (in)famous DJ/host Tim Westwood :

Skepta on Kiss 100 FM w/Logan Sama on 5.12.08

Newham Generals on Kiss 100 FM w/Logan Sama on 5.19.08

Ghetto recording album track live on 7.4.08 on Radio 1Xtra w/Tim Westwood

JME on Kiss 100 FM w/Logan Sama on 7.7.08

Chipmunk on Kiss 100 FM w/Logan Sama on 7.7.08

Devlin, Deeperman, Dolla & Ghetto on 7.17.08 on Radio 1Xtra w/Tim Westwood

Tinchy Stryder on KISS FM w/Logan Sama on 7.21.08

Random Impulse on 7.24.08 on Radio 1Xtra w/Tim Westwood



Mike Evans said...
You prob already seen this interview,
if not, its dope and its Mooncriket talking about the troubles he's having trying to get his film out.


Anonymous said...

What a great post. Thanks.