Monday, September 17, 2007

Sports Weekend (Boston Style) AKA Blue Monday

Pardon me dear readers but I’m still recovering from the Red Sox/Yankees weekend series and the Patriots/Chargers game last night. Whatever asshole thought it would be a good idea to air both of those games simultaneously really needs to have their ass kicked. I am currently in the middle of three different blogs that I’m writing and I’ll be doing a couple of review posts this week as I’ve received hella promos from people (people actually READ this shit?) that would like me to review their material.

Congrats to my boy Travis @ Wake Your Daughter Up for being mentioned in Vibe Magazine. He and Eric @ When They Reminisce have been killing shit with their new review blog lately. I also would like to big up my peoples Dallas Penn @ Dallas, Dan Love @ From Da Bricks, A One @ Know Good Music, Matt Mason @ The Pirate’s Dilemma, Jeff Weiss @ Passion Of The Weiss, Brandon Soderberg @ No Trivia, Max @ Hip Hop Isn’t Dead, Swiftus @ Nisun Day, Jaz @ Cold Rock Da Spot and every other blogger or writer out there doing their thing. I’ll be back with actual content tomorrow. I’m still reeling from seeing Big Papi fly out last night with the bases loaded while the Patriots were pissing on the collective corpse of the San Diego Chargers.

The Patriots rallied around their coach the way Hip Hoppers need to rally around Hip Hop Culture (including the Jena 6!) in these trying times. In the immortal words of my cousin Kevin who in the 3rd grade knocked a 5th grader out who was fuckin’ with him (and about 4 inches taller) unconscious with one punch.

“Talk shit now!” © Kevin Lovings

To be fair, I don’t think he heard Kev. Kev got sent to the office (shout out to the Blackstone School) but he told me it was was worth it. “I’ll do it again tomorrow!” He told me. I made the 5th grader pay me off in X-Men and Iron Man’s to keep my cousin from bustin’ his ass at the bus stop. I still have them to this very day. Anyways, I’m out ‘til Tuesday.

Boston Red Sox 90-60 ---
New York Yankees 85-64 4.5 GB

The Hunt For Red October Continues...

Alert to all members of Red Sox Nation, the magic number is (as of 3:30 PM EST 9.17.07) with 12 games left on the season (13 for the Yankees for 25 games total):


Any combination of Red Sox wins and/or Yankee losses result in one being subtracted from the magic number's total. When the number reaches 1, after the next Red Sox win or Yankee loss the AL East division championship will be clinched and the Red Sox will be assured of a place in the postseason and their first division championship since 1995.



Unknown said...

Mad props and love back to you Dart, I may not reply to every post you do but best believe that I read them all, your writing is always so on point and I look forward to the day you write a book on Hip Hop because you should and it would be dope.

Travis said...

thanks man, appreciate it.

Aaron said...

"People actually READ this shit?" That's exactly how I feel about my blog. Keep doin your thing.