Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Man At Work AKA Workinonit

Once again I'm in the middle of writing multiple blogs (no, this isn't an excuse so I can play Halo 3...I don't own an X Box 360) so I can't post anything today. Not only am I finishing up a part 2 to my classic blog "Why Are 70's Babies So Damn Salty" but I'm also doing another album review, a TV/cable show review, researching for an upcoming two part blog about comic books and the oftentimes borderline racist depiction of heroes of color in the tentatively titled series "Black Like Me" as well as the long awaited conclusion to my list "50 Producers On MySpace That You Need To Hear Right Now" coming in the next week as I decide to post the last 18 spots as a two parter or a three parter with full write ups.

I'll be writing on both this computer and doing hella revisions on my trusty (but soon to be replaced) G3 iBook all throughout the night while yelling at the screen during the Red Sox/A's game. Y'all know how I do. Expect some brand new content tomorrow. 


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