Friday, September 28, 2007

Some Of My Favorite Videos That No One’s Seen Except For Video/Cinephiles Vol. 1

Here are a few of my favorite non Hip Hop videos (that for whatever reason keep getting taken off of YouTube) that us film fans and film school dropouts love for whatever reason. Mind you, this is only a small sample of what I really wanted to post but the overwhelming majority of videos I really wanted to post aren't available online and the others I intended to post have since been erased.

 I have them all on tape and once I get the means I'll post them up myself. This list makes me miss old shows like "120 Minutes", "Amp", and the early days of MTV and MTV2 when they actually played indie/cutting edge videos. The electronica movement of 1997-2000 was a big influence, obviously. If you haven't seen many of these videos before I wouldn't be surprised:

Poe-Angry Johnny

Matthew Good Band-Load Me Up

Unkle-Rabbit In Your Headlights

The Avalanches-Since I Left You

Lo Fidelity All Stars-Blisters On My Brain

Chemical Brothers-Out Of Control

Photek-Ni Ten Ichi Ryu

Tricky f/PJ Harvey-Broken Homes

Shea Seger-Last Time

The Streets-Blinded By The Lights

I'll post up the last 18 producers of the Poisonous Paragraphs series  "50 Producers On MySpace You Need To Hear Right Now" over the weekend. Look out for it!



Anonymous said...

The Avalanches video is awesome, and the UNKLE vid is just brilliant. Two of my favorites, easily.

Didn't even realize that the Chemical Brothers released a video for "Out Of Control"...and I call myself a New Order fan...

Hip Hop Isn't Dead

alley al said...

yo, i just got put on to poe by my gf like 2 years ago.. showing her that vid might get me a surprise bj (surprise to her!!) lol