Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Three Random Unrelated Uploads That I Forgot About

I’m back from my side mission to start an internet revolution and I’m back to focusing on what I do best, writing about hip hop...or hip hop related stuff. My post today consists exclusively of releases I uploaded for other potential posts that I changed at the last moment (usually due to having to redo my posts because some other blogs have uploaded the albums I was about to do) and I had to go another direction. These three CD’s ended up being DJ Shadow’s side project, Unkle’s Psyence Fiction, underground supergroup Missin’ Linx’s EP Exhibit A plus a bunch of their featured tracks from other releases and finally, a mix CD compiled by Bobbito Garcia for indie label R2, Bobbito Earthtones.

The Unkle project was relased in 1998 on Mo’Wax/London Records and the group Unkle contained DJ Shadow and James Lavelle. If you look at the liner notes for this album you soon realize that all James Lavelle contributed to the actual production of the music contained on the album was breathe into the mic on an interlude...I kid you not. He doesn’t show up in the writing, publishing or production credits at all. His contribution to the project had to be more on the executive side since DJ Shadow is paired with several members of the alternarock community such as Alice Temple, Badly Drawn Boy and Thom Yorke.

DJ Shadow also creates the two part audio soundscape called “Drums Of Death” with the first part going to Kool G Rap (who spits the same verse he did on the B-1 single he appeared on for Rawkus earlier that’s still fire) and the second going to Mike D of the Beastie Boys. The other songs on the 11 track album are instrumental pieces produced by DJ Shadow.The most well known song on this album is probably “Rabbit In Your Headlights” featuring Thom Yorke because of the groundbreaking video which became a favorite on MTV’s electronica based show Amp and their old college radio/alternative music mix show 120 Minutes. It’s at least an interesting listen (even if you’re not into this sort of thing).

Missin’ Linx first jumped on the hip hop scene back in 1997. Black Attack was then known as Sean Black of Sadat X’s Wild Cowboys crew. Al’ Tariq Say Fudeen (The Shining Sword Of Allah) was once known as Kool Ass Fashion, the third of the trio The Beatnuts and Brooklyn’s own Problemz was busy handing out ‘nuff (k)nots like Ripley so you better believe it. Sean Black appeared on Sadat X’s Wild Cowboy project as well as DJ Honda’s first album (which I was gonna post last week but I got beat to it) along with Al’ Tariq and Problemz. He changed his name to Black Attack and released a couple of indie singles, most notably “Verbal Attack”, “My Crown” and “Correct Techniques” featuring Problemz. Problemz appeared solo on tracks from DJ Honda’s compilations as well as “Society” from the Rawkus double cd compilation “The Lyrcist Lounge”.

The group appeared as part of Al’ Tariq’s God Connection click on “No Question”, “Spectacular” and “No Question” from his Correct Records release “God Connections”(which I’ll upload on Friday) and on DJ Spinna’s Heavy Beats Vol. 1 on “Who U Be”. They released an EP for Dante Ross’ Stimulated label on Loud Records called “Exhibit A”. I uploaded it and included some of the group tracks that they recorded for other projects (the only track I couldn’t find was the Necro produced “Lock’d D” from the Linx Ink/Fat Beats “M.I.A./Lock’d D” 12”, if you have it then please up it).

The final upload I made was the compilation called “Bobbito Earthtones”. It’s described as a compilation of music from the Latin diaspora and features several Brazilian samba, some Afro Cuban jazz, Sebastian Williams’ “Get Your Point Over” (2 perfect minutes of soul music), a reworking of “Trans Europe Express” and oddly enough Self Scientific’s classic joint “The Return” (presumably because of the sample that DJ Khalil flipped for the beat). If you’re into classic jazz, soul and some instrumental funk then download it now.

For full tracklistings, cover art or more general info on these uploads check out or do a regular Google search. All uploads are Zip files, download and enjoy ‘em:

Unkle-Psyence Fiction (1998)

Missin’ Linx-Exhibit A (2000) + Extras

Bobbito Earthtones (2003)



Antonio said...

could you possibly reup the Missin Linx EP...
Fittingly, the link does not work.


Props for the good stuff!

Dart Adams said...

What the hell is going on? Even the Unkle link is down! I'm done with Sendspace after today. One.

Unknown said...

I would say that your links have been copied by others and posted on other boards and the links have been all used up, yeah sendspace is to use only when you want something up for like a day.

Great post Dart...I forgot about that Bobbito CD, thanks for the reminder.


Boomer said...

Yo, try rapid-share, the stuff stays up there for like a week at least. Its pretty fast up'n and dl'n too. Also, Dilla Tribute just Up'd!

Boomer said...

sorry meant at leaast a month, my b...

alley al said...

i shoulda checked you before i threw my shit up.
maybe i'll up something else for the letter "u"

sharebee looks good, but there's no way of organizing it like sendspace. i just started a rapid account cuz of complaints, and i'm trying to be nice. and i can't abandon sendspace cuz i gots like 8000+ points again already, plus, some friends opened sendspace paid accounts cuz of me. RETARDS!! lol

alley al said...

imm check out earthtones. thanks.

there's a comment some guy made on discogs about lavelle about his lack of skills. lol.
on my post, i called him "overrated" and i'm not exactly sure why.. maybe after the hype about him/unkle back then, it all left a bad taste in my mouth (no homo) and it was all his fault.

speaking of trans-europe express, i heard dj clue a few weeks ago spinning that with radio emcees.. anyone know where i can find that?

Dart Adams said...

I'll reup the Unkle, Defari and The Singles File today...I switched to MediaFire and Sharebee. One.

alley al said...

here, just use my unkle links:

HarryJackpot said...

I have read that final version (expected in March 07). That you can register an account and keep track of your links and other stuff like that.

And they are going to increase upload size and upload speed to 800% wow..