Friday, February 2, 2007

3 Slept On R&B Albums

Today I decided to upload three of my favorite R&B joints from past years, Ambersunshower’s Walter T. Smith, Esthero’s Breath From Another and Res’ How I Do.

First off, Ambersunshower first appeared on the scene as half of Groove Garden along with DJ/producer DJ Atsushi. They were signed to Flavor Unit Records and they appeared on the Rollin’ With The Flavor compilation on Tommy Boy Records, of course the deal went south and about a year later, Groove Garden broke up and Ambersunshower went solo. She ended up getting a deal and releasing her lone album Walter T. Smith after her father. This album is heavily slept on but probaly best known for the singles “Walter T.” and “Running Song” whose videos were both played on BET’s “Video Vibrations” show quite often. The 11 tracks on this album are well produced (the only name producer on it is Minnesota who made “Serengeti Plains”) and it keeps your interest throughout the entire joint. Download it now.

Esthero’s 1st album was one I bought when it first came out because the video for the first single off of it (“Heaven Sent”) got heavy burn on MuchMusic, the Canadian music channel (it was replaced by Fuse...who sucks balls by comparison). The album exceeded my expectations and I’ve been playing it ever since. My favorite tracks are “Heaven Sent”, “Anywayz”, “That Girl”, “Lounge” & “Superheroes”. Produced entirely by Doc for 6th Sphere Productions, it keeps getting the tag of being Trip Hop but I personally don’t agree with it. If you haven’t heard it yet, download it and do so now.

Res’ How I Do is easily one of the best R&B albums of the 00’s (what else do you call ‘em). Produced mostly by Khaliyl of World Series Music (formerly Mr. Man of Bush Babees) and written entirely by Santi White, Res’ album was a masterpiece from beginning to end. Her videos for “Golden Boys” and “They Say Vision” were embraced by BET’s Next show (which no longer exists) and “They Say Vision” ended up gaining MTV rotation. Res’ song “Let Love” also ended up being used in an advertising campaign for a car company. Even with all of this attention, an album selling for 7.99 in Best Buy and Wal Mart and Corey Smyth of BlackSmith Management directing her career, the album underperformed saleswise but is loved by critics and fans alike. My personal favorite joints are “Golden Boys”, “They Say Vision”, “Ice King” (does anyone have the remix with Nas on it?), “700 Mile Situation”, “I Know The Garden” and “Tsunami”. You already know what to do, people.

I also could’ve gone the way of Adriana Evans, Amel Larrieux, or Laurnea...but I couldn’t get to those crates without having to clean out my closet. I didn’t feel up to folding up 3 year old Triple 5 Soul, out of print Mecca shirts and Patriots championship T shirts from years past. Screw all that.

For full tracklistings, cover art or more general info on these uploads check out or do a regular Google search. All uploads are Zip files, download and enjoy ‘em:

Ambersunshower-Walter T. Smith (1996)

Esthero-Breath From Another (1998)

Res-How I Do (2001)



littleoldal said...

ooooh groove garden. i haven't seen that cd in years. wonder if i still have it.

nice post, bud. i liked all 3 albums as well, but i can do without res. is that the album with the b&w&red cover? good call on these. definitely something i'd post up.

Dallas Penn said...

I have to co-sign this post completely. My homegirl Amber ould appreciate your comments. Amber opened up the neo-soul genre.

Esthero is definitely that shit the people need to get with.

Why no Rhian Benson?

Ah well, good drop nonetheless.


zk said...

thanks for putting me up on amberss. great stuff. i'll have to check out some more of her work

and i'd only heard res featured on other artists' material. only feelin about half of "how i do" upon first listen, but i'll give it another spin

Next_Movement said...

Good uploads man! I didn't have that Amber and oh yeah, Res is fine as hell!

Unknown said...


would you be able to re-up the ambers album? would love to a chance know it.

thanks for the Esthero. not heard of her previous of this either. i wouldnt class her under trip hop either but i think she could sit very well in "chill out lounge" too.

keep up the sterling work here.