Monday, February 5, 2007

The Justus League Is What You Need!

One of the best hip hop collectives to appear on the scene in the past decade is easily the North Carolina based squad, The Justus League. Established in 1999 and managed by Big Dho, the Justus League has of a wide array of emcees, vocalists and producers amongst it’s ranks including Little Brother (Phonte & Rapper Big Dho), The Away Team (Sean Boog & Joe Scudda), L.E.G.A.C.Y., Chaundon, Median, 0-Dash, Kaze, Edgar Allan Floe, Skyzoo, Darien Brockington, Yahzarah, DJ Flash, 9th Wonder, Khrysis, Illmind, Oddisee, and Nicolay. There are so many of these cats that I’m sure I missed some. I uploaded three of the harder to find and out of print compilations/mixtapes that the Hall Of Justus Music Group have released over the past few years. I offer for your downloading and listening pleasure, 9th Wonder’s compilation The Dream Merchant, The Single Files mixed by DJ Flash and Triple Play featuring The Away Team, L.E.G.A.C.Y. and Rapper Big Pooh of Little Brother.

The funny thing is that people always call Little Brother and The Justus League “conscious”, “underground” or “East Coast sounding”...they just make hip hop music. Period. Dope deats, ill flows, tight concepts,’s all there. I can’t even begin to list my favorite songs off of these three releases because I’d get carpal tunnel syndrome. Beats are provided by 9th Wonder, Khrysis and Big Dho on these joints. If you like these then look for more Justus League releases and joints dropped by their extended fam such as Nicolay’s entire catalog (especially Foreign Exchange’s “Connected”), Rapper Big Pooh’s “Sleepers”, Kaze’s “Spirit Of ‘94”, Skyzoo’s “Cloud 9”, Little Brother’s “Chitlin Circuit 1.5” or their DJ Drama Gangsta Grillz mixtape “Separate But Equal” to start. I could’ve added several more projects to this list as well but there are so many, they slipped my mind. If you’re already a fan of/familiar with The Justus League this is old news to you, but if not download these and rock to them.

All uploads are Sendspace Zip files, download and enjoy ‘em:

9th Wonder presents The Dream Merchant Vol. 1 (2004)

The Justus League presents The Singles Files (Mixed by DJ Flash) (2005)

The Justus League presents Triple Play (2005)



alley al said...

thanks, buddy. i'm taking all 3 of these.
sad but true: i didn't know that THIS was the justus league. the few names that i do recognize, i thought they were part of the okp family.

ariel said...

Damn! this is hot stuff...
thanks alot buddy, much appreciated, always nice to discover new stuff :P

Andrew said...

2nd link is dead.

Dart Adams said...

What happened to the links? Only Triple Play is still working! One.

Dart Adams said...

The reups will all be done today. One.