Thursday, February 8, 2007

Only The Illest Documentaries AKA Dartflix Edition #6

I have seen a hell of a lot of documentaries in my lifetime and I love the fact I have the opportunity to share my knowldge via this blog. A bad documentary is exponentially worse than a bad traditional film in my opinion. No camera tricks, trick lighting , quick cuts, stunts or nudity can make your doc more appealing to audiences. You either can tell a story or disseminate information well or you can’t, bottom line. Here goes.

Dart’s Three Trailers Of The Week (2/4/07- 2/10/07):

Spiderman 3



Documentaries available for rent through Netflix:
Easy Riders, Raging Bulls
The Weather Underground
Big Brother and the Holding Company With Janis Joplin: Nine Hundred Nights
Jimi Hendrix
Lost In La Mancha
An Inconviencient Truth
Four Little Girls
S21: The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine
The Complete Monterey Pop Festival
El Che: Investigating A Legend
The Kid Stays In The Picture
Bob Marley & The Wailers: Catch A Fire
When We Were Kings
Yo Soy Boricua, Pa’Que Tu Lo Sepas!
Bowling For Columbine
A Great Day In Harlem: The Spitball Story
Scottsboro: An American Tragedy
Only The Strong Survive
This Film Is Not Yet Rated
BaadAssss Cinema
The Life & Times Of Frida Kahlo
The History Of Rock & Roll
Incident At Oglala
Mumia Abu Jamal: Reasonable Doubt?
The Murder Of Emmit Till
Chop Socky: Cinema Hong Kong
The History Of Organized Crime
Modern Warriors: The Martial Way
Street Fight
Woodstock: 3 Days Of Peace & Music
Devil’s Playground
Amandla: Revolution In Four Part Harmony
Who Killed The Electric Car
Fela: Music Is The Weapon
Super Size Me
Dogtown & Z-Boys
Buena Vista Social Club
Nuyorican Dream
The Tuskegee Airmen: They Fought Two Wars
Favela Rising
Falasha: Exile Of The Black Jews
Unforgivable Blackness
Half Past Autumn
Ghosts Of Rwanda: Frontline
The Ground Truth
Live Forever
Rhyme & Reason
The Show
Jay-Z: Fade To Black
Style Wars

Dart’s Picks:
The Weather Underground
Half Past Autumn
This Film Is Not Yet Rated

Dart’s WTF? Awards/Watch This Bullshit At Your Own Risk:
Ronald Reagan: The Great Communicator- They took 2 discs to tell the viewer what a great man Ronald Reagan was...being a child that grew up in the drug ravaged government funding deficient inner city during the Reagan Bush Administration I’d have to beg to differ with this documentary.

Porn Star: The Legend Of Ron Jeremy- What the hell was I thinking renting this? Who would ever believe a documentary about a man that has bedded hundreds of women could be so damn boring?

Any Religious Right Wing leaning documentary that praises Conversative interests- I aint the one. No thank you.



alley al said...

is that ron jeremy the one where they portray him as a sad sad man cuz he can't find a girlfriend?
WAAAHH!! lookit me!! i have a huge cock, and i've done everything you can imagine with a gazillion dimepieces!! WAAAAHHH!!

DL said...

Nice selection Dart. Two of my favourites would have to be 'Dark Days' with the soundtrack taken from Endtroducing and 'Hoop Dreams' which follows two kids in their quest to make it to the NBA. Sorry if I missed these in earlier posts.