Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Prose and Cons(equence)

Back in 1996 when A Tribe Called Quest released their album “Beats, Rhymes & Life” they had a new squad member down with them on the project, he was Q Tip’s cousin and his name was Consequence. Consequence was featured on a couple of songs and he also made his rounds on the mixtape circuit as well as touring with Tribe during the run of their album (for his recordings from this time period pick up the Consequence mixtape “A Tribe Called Quence”, available through some online retail stores). After Cons finished his run with Tribe, he appeared on a couple of compilations (“Rap’s Next Generation” and “New York State Of Rhyme”), made some demos and hit the mixtape circuit hard in hopes of securing a deal.

After a year of not receiving the type of deal he thought he deserved, Consequence formed a group called Guilty with his boy Menace and they appeared on the Rawkus’ “Lyricist Lounge 2” compilation together. The group dynamic wasn’t working out as well as Cons hoped so he once again hit the mixtape circuit in hopes of securing a deal since Rawkus was in disarray and not signing new acts (they had signed Kool G Rap, Tiye Phoenix, Cocoa Brovas AKA Smif N’ Wessun and not released any of their materal as well as passing on signing Eminem, Saigon, Common and Kanye West in the past years leading up to the Lyricist Lounge 2 compilation). During this time he was looking for producers to work with and he came into contact with Kanye West. He and Kanye began making demo tracks together with Kanye’s friends John Stevens (AKA John Legend who had a regular gig as a featured performer at a NY club at the time) and his boy from Chicago Rhymefest. Shortly afterwards, Kanye began selling beats to Roc A Fella Records artists like Beanie Sigel and later Jay-Z his demand and buzz grew exponentially with each hit. At the same time Kanye was selling beats, he was making mixtapes to promote himself as an artist (“Get Well Soon” and “I’m Good) that featured Consequence as well as his other people (John Legend, GLC, Rhymefest, etc.).

At the same time, Consequence began his mixtape series (cross promoted by Kanye West’s mixtapes), ultimately Consequences mixtapes plus his guest appearances of Kanye’s joints lead to him releasing his first proper album on indie labelSure Shot Records (“Take ‘Em To The Cleaners”) and his subsequent premiere major label (G.O.O.D. Music) solo release this March titled “Don’t Quit Your Day Job”. I offer to you readers his first three street mixtapes for downloading and listening purposes, “ All Sales Are Final”, “Make The Game Come To You” and the R&B blends hybrid Roc A Fella mixtape “An Evening Wit EPC (Easy Pimpin’ Cons)”. If you like these mixtapes (the final 7 tracks of Vol. 2 don’t play so ot only has 16 tracks as opposed to 23...if any has them then please up them for me) then look into picking up the remaining Consequence mixtapes and I highly recommend his “Take ‘Em To The Cleaners” album which as of right now I believe in still available for purchase. Either way, enjoy these downloads and look out for Consequences album this March:

Consequence presents All Sales Are Final The Cons Vol. 1 (2003)

Consequence presents Make The Game Come To You The Cons Vol. 2 (2003)

Consequence presents An Evening Wit EPC (2003)



DL said...

Thanks for the science and the drops Dart, much appreciated.

'Beats, Rhymes And Life' is a great album to me. I know it gets a lot of bad press but this was one of the first albums that got me into hip hop. I was 14 years old and loved it, having no real prior knowledge of the group (surprising I know).



alley al said...

jeeezus you KIDS make me feel old!!
but only when i think about it, cuzi feel hella young. i got carded last night at houlihan's. i think the waitress just had a crush on me. ;o)

D.L. Chandler said...

I've just listened to It's The Cons Vol. 4 that I got in the mail from (I'm a freelance writer) and I never did get around to it. It was..."eh"...I mean I hear the appeal in the kid, but I wasn't moved. And I just couldn't help "hearing" Kanye when he rhymed...I dunno.

Travis said...

thanks bro, I was missing a couple of these.

Hey, I got a request if you have it, since they are from around your way.

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