Thursday, January 18, 2007

Three Instrumental Albums I Got Off Of Sandbox AKA Music To Blackout To

I bought these two instrumental CD’s off of Sandbox a couple of years ago from two of my favorite producers, Oddisee (Justus League/Halftooth Records) and Ayatollah (Soundchron Records). The first CD is Ayatollah’s So Many Reasons To Rhyme and the second is Oddisee’s Instrumental Mixtape Volume One. Both of these CD’s are also now out of print/circulation as contain 20 plus instrumentals each.

Oddisee has moved on to do production for a wide range of artists and released a second instrumental CD in 2006. Ayatollah has also released the instrumental collection Personal Legend Vol. 1 (out of print, I just upped it on the night of the 30th), So Many Reasons To Rhyme (the one I uploaded today), Now Playing, and Listen (both available in retail stores and online). These CD’s are full of joints you you can either play as riding/walking/jogging music or you can use them for freestyles or demos. Just download ‘em and you already know the rest.

All uploads are Zip files, enjoy ‘em:

Ayatollah-Personal Legend Vol.1 (2004)

Ayatollah-So Many ReasonsTo Rhyme (2004)

Oddisee-Instrumental Mixtape Volume One (2005)


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Juan'87 said...

cool man i have the personal legend on wax but all my records are far away right now yeah