Thursday, January 4, 2007

More East Coast Hip Hop Compilations

I just realized that I upped Stretch Armstrong presents Lesson 2, not only without an explanation of it’s contents but also without upping the first part, Lesson 1. Stretch Armstrong presents Lesson 1 was released on Stretch’s indie label Dolo Records in 1997 and it featured some underground classic joints such as the Premo produced Krumbsnatcha joint “Gettin’ Closer To God” and Da Beatminerz lacing Shadez Of Brooklyn’s “Survival Wars”. Ak Skills on the Buckwild produced “Nights Of Fear”, Godfather Don’s self produced classic “Properties Of Steel”, L the Headtoucha’s “Too Complex”, R.A. the Rugged Man’s “Smithaven Mall”, Street Smarts f/O.C. and Pharoahe Monche (who got the Source’s Hip Hop Quotable for Dopest Rhyme Of The Month for his verse) on Ogee’s banger “Metal Thangz”. It also includes some of Kanye West’s early work with Chicago’s own Grav featuring Correct Records labelmate, Al’ Tariq (AKA Kool Fashion of The Beatnuts). Funny enough, Kanye is credited as Kange in the liner notes and his publishing company is listed as Conceited Music (ASCAP)...You can’t make this type of shit up!

It also features some appearances from underground favorites like Company Flow, Natural Elements, Brainwash, Shades Of Brooklyn, Hillfiguz, Black Attack & Problemz of Missin’ Linx, F.T. of Street Smarts, Ak Skills, Lace Da Booms, and Dutchmin. Groups whose vinyl used to fill up the walls of one of my favorite haunts for hip hop vinyl around this era, Biscuithead Records. The owner DJ Bruno eventually put out Edan’s first singles as well as Porn Theatre Ushers 12’s and eventually Nabo Rawk and Mr. Jason’s “Taxachusetts” LP.

Stretch Armstrong returned in 1998 with Lesson 2. This time, no freestyles just tracks. The tracklisting goes like this:

1. Mass Influence- Life To The MC
2. Xperado- Parradox
3. Laster- Searching for Meaning
4. Buc Fifty- Dead End Street
5. High & Mighty f/Baby Black & Rahsheed- Open Mic Night
6. Dilated Peoples- Work The Angles
7. Defari- People’s Choice
8. Rasheed & Ill Advised- Redd Hott
9. Dynasty- Wildcat
10. AK Skills- One Thing Or Another
11. Smut Peddlers (Mr. Eon & Cage)- One By One
12. Black Attack f/Problemz- Correct Techniques
13. The Korp f/A-ffective, Eguan, Chris Preme, Cestyle & Franchise- We Comin’
14. Brainwash- Next Shit
15. Mike Zoot f/Tek of Smif N’ Wessun- Midnite Run
16. Rascalz f/Kardinal Offishal, Thrust, Choclair & Checkmate- Northern Touch

I’ll put the download link for this ^ at the bottom along with the 3 uploads from this post.

Beginning in 2002, up and coming Boston based production team Inebriated Rhythm began making serious moves. After lacing tracks for legends like KRS One, O.C., A.G., and Big Daddy Kane they (Soul Supreme, Cyrus The Great, & Vanguard) began putting out their own indie albums beginning with the 2002 mixtape Inebriated Rhythm presents 617 Mic Check. It has appearances from hip hop luminaries like KRS One, Tash of the Alkaholiks, Louis Logic, Chan, Del, and Casual as well as Boston area rhyme vets L the Headtoucha (Larry Cheeba), TMax, Illin’ P, Lucky Dice, Reks, Shuman, Insight, and Electric Company.

This CD also has a freestyle from X-Zave, a cat I used to battle and rhyme with going back to our days together at Boston Latin School. He was gunned down one night years ago and I don’t think his murderer has been found. Rest In Eternal Peace, X-Zave.

The second offering from Inebriated Rhythm is Soul Supreme presents The Saturday Night Agenda which was released by Grit Records in 2003. This album bangs from beginning to end with excellent production and boasts a lineup of KRS One, A..G., Big Daddy Kane, O.C., Pete Rock, Wordsworth, DJ Revolution, Rasco and Planet Asia alongside L The Headtoucha (Larry Cheeba), Shuman, T Max, Illin’ P, Electric Company, Kai, and Checkmark of Skitzophreniks.

Two of the highlights of this album are “Come Get It” where Big Daddy Kane and Checkmark spit fire back to back over a banger and “Queen (Hip Hop)” with Pete Rock f/A.G. & T Max. It’s well worth the download and if you can find a copy please cop one or check out these cats on MySpace (just click on my MySpace friends and you’ll find everybody mentioned here). Enjoy the following compilations:

All files I upload are Zip files and downloadable from Sendspace. I’ll provide a ZipIt link here:

ZipIt (for opening Zip files)

Stretch Armstrong presents Lesson 1 (1997)

Stretch Armstrong presents Lesson 2 (1998)

Inebriated Rhythm presents 617 Mic Check (2002)

Soul Supreme presents The Saturday Night Agenda (2003)



Tom Lea said...

Dude, I've had those Stretch Armstrong CDs kicking around for a good six years now, and I've never properly sat down and listened to them. I remember there being a great Smut Peddlers song on one of them though; can't remember the title.

That Soul Supreme mix is another one; I'd always flirt with getting it when I'd order from, as I loved his Soulmatic mixtape, but never ended up getting. Thanks for the uploads!

kristhegreek said...

Both mixes are tight. I like the 1st one better though. I've always wondered what the beat was that Black Attack and Problemz freestyle over. Thanks for the posts!