Monday, January 29, 2007

DJ Spinna Is Beyond Real AKA DJ Spinna Is No Beginner...

This Monday I decided to start off by upping some hard to find material from one of the best producers in the hip hop industry, DJ Spinna. Spinna has been involved in several groups in his career, including the Polyrhythm Addicts and Jigmastas. He also owns and operates Beyond Real Recordings (Beyond Real is also the name of his production company), based in the Thingamajig Lab located on the planet of Brooklyn. DJ Spinna’s production credits and body of work are to be envied as the man has crafted numerous calssics for some of the best and brightest in the world of Hip Hop. I present to you all for your downloading and listening pleasure, Heavy Beats Vol.1 and Beyond Real Experience Vol. 1 & 2.

Heavy Beats Volume 1 was DJ Spinna’s project on Rawkus Records, it was released back in 1999 around the same time as Company Flow’s final Rawkus offering, the instrumental album Little Johnny From The Hospitul. The release featured the instrumentals “A Grooveamungus” (previously on the Rawkus promo The Cleaner), “Rock” and “The Haunted Space Freak”.

The tracks with emcees featured on them were the “Joc Max Preface”, “Who U Be” featuring underground heroes Missin’ Linx (Al’ Tariq, Black Attack & Problemz), “Time Zone” featuring (Polyrhythm Addict and Q Boro Sounds representive) Apani B. Fly Emcee and (fellow Rawkus razor shirt rocker) Talib Kweli. The projects other song ended up on the 12” Rawkus released to promote it “Watch Dees” with Brooklyn Hard Rock, Lo Life and Polo Rican Thirstin Howl III alongside another cat Rawkus slept on signing (along with Common, Kanye West and Saigon), Eminem.

The album came out around the time Rawkus’ Priority deal was ending and before they jumped to MCA. Company Flow and DJ Spinna were both less than enthused with the push the projects got and it became the final release that either of them would have with the razor on it.

The Beyond Real Experience compilations showcase the roster of Beyond Real Recordings as well as their extended family. This includes Skam, Shadowman, Ha The Jet Black, Jigmastas, Dynas, and Akil, many of whose early tracks are hard to track down. I also saw DJ Spinna’s Compositions 1-5 instrumentals series he made for the Female Fun label on someones blog a while ago. Look for it on

For full tracklistings, cover art or more general info on these uploads check out or do a regular Google search. All uploads are Zip files, download and enjoy ‘em:

DJ Spinna-Heavy Beats Vol. 1 (1999)

DJ Spinna presents Beyond Real Experience Vol. 1 (1999)

DJ Spinna presents Beyond Real Experience Vol. 2 (2002)



alley al said...

nice post. about time someone gave spinna his props.
you think he'll ever blow up in the radio world?

Anonymous said...

please re-up dj spinna's discography

Mark said...

I know you made this post over 1 year ago, but any chance you can re-up or point me to another source? I've been belatedly appreciating Spinna, and I'm trying to absorb some of his mixes.

Anonymous said...

Here Lots Of DJ Spinna