Monday, January 22, 2007

50 Slept On Hip Hop Videos #3

1. Elevation (Free My Mind)- B.U.M.S.
2. Ak Hoo Hoo Ak Ha Ha/Dear Diary- Akinyele
3. For Real-Ruggedness Mad Drama
4. Step To The Left-Yaggfu Front
5. Deathwish-Sid & B.Tonn
6. I’m Hip-Many Facez
7. 12Pacofdoja-Lil’ 1/2 Dead
8. Yes N Deed-Society
9. Mix Tapes-The Nonce
10. Tragedy- RZA
11. All She Wanted-Knucklehedz
12. All About My Fetti-Young Lay
13. Beware Of The Rampsack- Rampage The Last Boy Scout
14. Who Me?-KMD
15. Whenimondamic-Lootpack
16. I Declare War-Pace Won
17. Breaker 1-9-Common Sense
18. Shorty’s Doin’ His Own Thing-Shorty Long
19. Watch Ya Back-Tucka Da Huntaman
20. Success-Fat Joe
21. 1st Sermon-Extra Prolific
22. Neck Uv Da Woods-Mystikal f/OutKast
23. Ladies In Da House- Big Kap f/Precise, Uneek, & Lauryn Hill
24. Born 2 Live-O.C.
25. Bringin’ Back Home-Cali Agents
26. One To Grow On-U.M.C’s
27. Peace Treaty-Kam
28. Return Of The Holy One-YZ
29. Problems-Young Zee
30. Toss It Up-Zhigge
31. IBWin’ With My Crewin’-YoYo
32. Back To The Hip Hop-Troubleneck Brothers
33. Check Out Da Ave-Poison Clan
34. Khadijia-Dirt Nation
35. Jingle Jangle-The Legion f/Dres
36. Freak Mode-Funkdoobiest
37. Just Another Day/Pronto-Cru f/Slick Rick
38. Do You-Heather B
39. Wrongside Of The Tracks-Artifacts
40. Keep It Real-Millkbone
41. Honeydips In Gotham-Boogie Monsters
42. Funk Soul Sensation-Jemini The Gifted One
43. No Flows On The Radio-King Just
44. Get With You-Questionmark Asylum
45. Flawless-Phife Dawg
46. Cheapskate-Sporty Theivz
47. Galaxies-Mountain Brothers
48. Rugged Neva Smooth (Remix)-M.O.P.
49. All For The Money-MC Eiht
50. Back In The Days-Dred Scott

Once again, I have all of these joints on tape and I’m working on trying to find the best (and most cost effective) way of uploading them seeing as A LOT of them aren’t available online (especially the Canadian ones, which no one can track down). If any readers have suggestions drop ‘em in the comment box, send a message to my MySpace or e-mail me @


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