Monday, January 1, 2007

Rare, Slept On & Unreleased Joints (From My Own Crates)

Back in the days, I used to work in a few record stores in Boston (Tower Records/Video, Newbury Comics and CD Spins) and I acquired quite a library of rare joints. I'm gonna post a few of them up ever so often to mix things up on the blog...not everyone's trying to read my life story on here (but I still manage to sneak that self promotional shit in). Here are a few I uploaded a while agao on Sendpace...I'll switch to Rapidshare or MediaFire in the future. Expect rare CD's and compilations to just drop here from time to time. For info on each release check on or do a Google search. Enjoy 'em:

The Wonder Of Stevie-Mixed by DJ Spinna & Bobbitto Garcia (2003)

The UN- U N Or U Out (2004)

Stretch Armstrong Presents The Lesson 2 (1998)

Ras Kass- Goldyn Chyld (unreleased)



PYL. said...

I bought that UN Or U Out joint when it came out, even tho I'd never heard of them; never regretted it. Do you have anything else they put out ?
Thanks for all the other links too, gonna read that Boston history of hip hop when I'm fully awake :)

alley al said...

for future refence, dude on fromdabricks uses and it looks great from my end.. i might try that when my sendspace freebie ends..