Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dart Adams presents Supreme Rap Misses (2009 Update)

I decided that it was time to post up an update my own personal list of Supreme Rap Misses from last Spring. I grew up in an era chock full of female emcees that demanded respect and earned it with their lyrical ability, drive, determination, conviction and talent. That's the same criteria I used for picking the ladies on this list (or scrolling through my iTunes library). They all continue the grand tradition that Lisa Lee, Debbie Dee, Sha Rock, The Sequence, Mercedes Ladies, Peblee Poo, Dimples D, Sparky Dee, Lady B, and others began.

A tradition in which the torch was passed to Roxanne Shante, The Real Roxanne, Suga, Antoinette, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Salt N' Pepa, Finesse & Synquis, Lin Que, MC Trouble (R.I.P.), Nefertiti, Heather B, Bahamadia, Nikki D, Yo Yo, Paula Perry, Precious Paris, Monie Love, Ladybug Mecca, Lauryn Hill, T Love, Madusa, Queen Herawin, Tara Chase, Pri Da Honey Dark, Queen Godis, Helixx C. Armageddon, Yarah Bravo, etc. They repped Hip Hop the right way and passed the torch to yet another generation of female emcees. Problem is that the new generation of female emcees is endangered at best.

In this current industry climate that only female "rappers" that get constant attention are Nicky Minaj, Kid Sister, Amanda Blank, Uffie or Yelle. No disrespect intended towards any of these ladies but none of them are gonna get a Hip Hop Quotable or make you rewind their verses like "Oh shit!"...ever. Here is list I made up consisting of female emcees that keep the beacon lit and are preserving the culture of Hip Hop:

Jean Grae

Tiye Phoenix



Psalm One

Letia Larok

Boog Brown

Mala Reignz

Salute to you all. When you watch that show tonight, remember that these ladies all exist and because of them and their contributions to the culture Hip Hop will NEVER die.



sublicon said...

eternia is mah gurl

Ms. Krish said...

Thanks for the shout out, Dart!

Make sure y'all peep the ROCKY RIVERA album, out soon!



Leah A Wilson said...

Georgia does the damn thing. Singer, songwriter, producer... She is awe-inspiring.

Oriana lee said...

Awesome Post! Represent the Ladies to the fullest. That's what eye'm talkin' 'bout! ALL HAIL...

Dyalekt said...

Dope. Don't know most of em.

couple to add
Yejide the Night Queen
Helixx C Armageddon
Pri Da Honey Dark
Big Tara
Bless Roxwell
Patti Dukes
Miss Angelina
Sirah One
Perseph One

Naturally Alise said...

Georgia, Jean Grae.... love them! Will definitely check out the others that are not familiar to me...