Monday, July 20, 2009

Dart Adams presents A Tale Of Ten Trailers 18 AKA The Dear Summer Edition

Here's the July installment of my recurring post "A Tale Of Ten Trailers". I didn't use any international film trailers this time around so I can defer them for next month . There are quite a few others that I'm glad finally received proper film posters after months of waiting ("Carriers", "Zombieland" & "Daybreakers"...I'm looking at you!). Next month, I'll throw in the Sherlock Holmes trailer as well because I suspect they'll have another one up by then.

Since the imbedded trailers are now mostly widescreen and a great amount of them are HD, they simply don't fit my comfortably on my page anymore so I'll post the trailer links attached to the film posters themselves from now on. That way the load time for the page itself will be quicker and you don't have part of the imbedded video being cut off anymore. I should've done it months ago. At any rate, enjoy:


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