Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dart Adams presents A Couple Of Brands You Can Trust

Today, I've decided to give shine to a couple of online clothing stores that have caught my eye in recent months via Twitter. The first being bright moments* and the next being the online store Viva Monster. Let's get this started, shall we?:

As designers, bright moments* have worked with and designed gear & merch for The Legendary Roots Crew, D’Angelo, Common, The Marley Family, Burning Spear, Eddie Palmieri, Monday Michiru, Carly Simon, Ben Taylor, Lauryn Hill, Cody ChesnuTT, John Mayer & DJ Spooky amongst a gang of other artists. They finally decided quite recently that it was time to produce their own ill clothing line. That begs the question..What exactly is a "bright moment"? I'll let them explain that for you:

so what is a bright moment?

the basic vibe behind this endeavor is that the phrase, bright moments, is a mantra which was created and put out into the universe by the master of black classical music, Rahsaan Roland Kirk.

it's something positive, something that catches you in the moment and inspires you or motivates you to create or merely to just be a witness. in a sense, you could say that bright moments is on a par with “one love”.

i think it's easiest to let Rahsaan explain it . . .

"bright moments is like seeing something that you ain't ever seen in your life and you don't have to see it but you know how it looks."
"bright moments is like hearing some music that ain't nobody else heard, and if they heard it they wouldn't even recognize that they heard it because they been hearing it all their life but they nutted on it so, when you hear it and you start popping your feet and jumping up and down they get mad because you're enjoying yourself but those are bright moments that they can't share with you because they don't even know how to go about listening to what you're listening to and when you try to tell them about it they don't know a damn thing about what you're talking about!"

think that kinda sums it up.

every month we will be featuring two folks who are or create bright moments. depending on the medium of the artist there will be mp3’s-podcasts and mixes exclusive to the site and links or galleries for the visual artists to present and expose you to what they do.

so again, thank you for coming along on the trip - we are just getting started . . .


You want some other off the wall shit that you can't just find around your rest to rock muthafuckas with this Summer? I think I know a spot you can cop from...Viva Monster. Viva Monster is located in Cali and they carry ill tees like this and more. The homie Bryan Shima (of HellaCA) has been doing his thing for a while now and I was supposed to do a post about his spot months ago but as we all know I got a little sidetracked in the wake of the Vibe list fallout. In any event, stop sleeping!:

Do me a favor & visit either bright moments* or Viva Monster (just click the banner) or's up to you. If you want some kicks to go with 'em for a good price that'll get to you quick then fux with my peoples Shoebacca. Don't you wanna be fresh like me? Don't forget to follow me on Twitter. (send me a message or a tweet first/early so I know that you're a Poisonous Paragraphs reader & not a spammer, bot or a lurker) think I go bananas on here? Visit my page sometimes to see what you're missing.


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Anonymous said...

Them shirts are Dope!

Thanx so much for peeping my mixtape with Dub MD "Southside's Savior".

Was checkin my man illastrate's myspace when i saw the link to this blog...

Its Dope!

Keep exposing The Real Dart!

Much Respeck and Success