Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dart Adams presents Even More Hip Hop Documentaries Or Concert Films

Here's the second part of my recommended list of Hip Hop documentaries and concert films. Being that I'm an oldhead and a backpacker quite a few of these heads might not have previously heard of as they were only available per Hip Hop magazine mailorder catalogs from the Backpack Era and some are now on DVD. Others or hard to locate but surpringly enough are actually available. For any more info on any of these selection just gmail me. Enjoy:

The Show (1995)

Rhyme & Reason (1997)

Streets Is Watching: The Movie (1998)

Def Jam: Survival Of The Illest Live From 125 NYC (1998)

Staticopy Imagery presents Open Transport (2000)

Freestyle: The Art Of Rhyme (2000)

Jay-Z: Fade To Black (2004)

Wu Tang Clan: Disciples Of The 36 Chambers (2004)

Non Phixion: The Green DVD (2004)

No Sleep Til Shangai (2007)

Turntable TV presents DJ Q-bert Live Australia-Asia (2005)

Cut Chemist & DJ Shadow: Freeze (1998/2005)

Rock The Bells (2006)

The Adventures Of Grandmaster Roc Raida Part 3: Harlem (2005)

Tragedy: The Story Of Queensbridge (2006)


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Anonymous said...

Good shh...

Has a quality rip of the Tragedy doc. ever hit the internet or is there a place to purchase a copy?