Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008: A Blog Odyssey AKA Dart's Official End Of The Year Post

This will be the final post on Poisonous Paragraphs of 2008. It's also the 272nd post of the year, 60 more than I made in all of 2007. Tomorrow will be the 2nd anniversary of this blog's existence and the beginning of countdown to my blog hiatus in March 2009 to focus on other projects (read: get money). I'll highlight a gang of my most popular and favorite posts of the past year (expect it to be long). I realized I didn't have much left to cover that I hadn't made a long ass list about already.

Due to the writer's strike there were very few new shows premiering this year and even fewer that I even liked. Last year brought in a gang of new shit that I still enjoy today and I also saw a few shows I used to love jump the proverbial shark this season ("Weeds" and "Heroes", I'm looking at you!). The only list left for me to cover are my favorite new shows of 2008. It's a short list because the overwhelming majority of new shows sucked ("Kath & Kim", I thought that comedies were supposed to make you laugh? Apparently, I'M the asshole for thinking that). Here's my final list of '08, see ya next year!:

Top New Shows Of 2008 (according to me):

In Treatment

True Blood


In Plain Sight

Sons Of Anarchy

The Life & Times Of Tim

Summer Heights High



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Anonymous said...

I'm surprised to see Summer Heights High there, didn't know that it made it to the States. Good picks tho