Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dart Adams presents A Tale Of Ten Trailers 13 AKA The Anniversary Edition

Here we are! The anniversary edition of my regular feature "A Tale Of Ten Trailers". I'll now take this time to explain exactly how this series of film trailer drops came into existence for those of you that haven't been around since the early days of Poisonous Paragraphs. At one point, my Dartflix drops used to consist of three movie trailers and I used to make them weekly due to the fact I had so much to write about that I was just backed up with some many damn movie blog ideas.

After a while, I realized that I was overdoing it with the weekly Dartflix posts (which I'd just do on random days) and I dailed it back after I ended up having laptop issues back in April 2007. I only could do one Dartflix that month and to compensate for my missing drops I featured ten trailers instead of just three like I usually did. In May 2007, I decided to do bi monthly Dartflix drops but I still didn't have a specified day for them yet. Since I did them twice a month I decided to feature five trailers in each drop.

Eventually, I began adding more and more trailers to my Dartflix posts and I became well known on the internet for doing so. Since I was using international film trailers and Apple movie trailers as I was posting up between 20-25 a month. If I kept that pace up I'd eventually run out soon since I wouldn't stop adding extra features. It wasn't even until late October 2007 before I got the idea to do drops on the first and third Tuesday of every month since Tuesday was when the new DVD's came out.

The WGA strike not only hurt the televsion industry and much of Hollywood but it completely crippled IMDb. Since I couldn't use IMDb to advance scout upcoming films to find trailers for my Dartflix drops, I had to find a way to compensate for not doing a Dartflix post for the the entire month of December. I decided to write commentary about ten trailers of upcoming films on the third Tuesday of the month and call it "A Tale Of Ten Trailers".

I kept on doing it to compensate for my anemic Dartflix Lite posts and once the WGA strike was over I removed trailers from my Dartflix drops altogether and held off on them until my A Tale Of Ten Trailers posts so I didn't have to worry about running out of trailers to feature anymore. Well, that the whole story with the exception of me stopping the monthly trailer commentary after injuring my wrist badly following writing my February drop and my Black Comic Book Characters 1900-2008 drop back to back that time.

Well, there's the whole story about how this thing all came about and it only took me about 45 minutes to write it! No more words, just enjoy these 13 trailers that I've assembeled for you to mark the one year anniversary of this series "A Tale Of Ten Trailers". Let's get it in:



M said...

this is gonna be a big year.....Alotta good movies dropping.On a side note Yo I gotta ask if you've ever heard this track before and if so know who the artist is.
-it sounds kind of like an old roc marciano jawn. I know it's like 96 or 97. I also have the joint embedded on my page in case you don't wanna download.


Unknown said... reviewed the Spirit, dude who reviewed it said it was the worst movie he'd seen since Battlefield Earth....It can't be THAT bad.

Dart Adams said...

@ M:

I've never heard that song before in my entire life.

@ Cole:

I have a sneaking suspicion that "The Spirit" is gonna be campy as all hell and most folks are going to hate it, I hope it DOESN'T suck but it could easily become Speed Racer all over again.


Anonymous said...

The live-action Dragonball movie looks like one huge shit festival.

Goku is Japanese, but the Hollywood suits probably figured a Japanese lead wouldn't sell at the box office, so they got some cuntwhistle who looks like he stepped off the set of The Hills. How exciting.

And what's with every movie using fight moves from the Matrix? That shit was dope in 1999, but in 2008 it's been beaten to death a couple thousand times already.