Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dart Adams presents 25 More Producers On MySpace That You Need To Hear Right Now (2008 Edition) Part Three

Here's the third drop out of four in this blog series entitled "Dart Adams presents 25 More Producers On MySpace That You Need To Hear Right Now" in which I give some shine to the cream of the crop behind the boards that don't get the love they so rightfully deserve. Let's start the show:

Folk & Stress
Reps: New York, NY

Folk and Stress are brothers from Long Island that both rhyme and produce (no EPMD). They were discovered by none other than Dreddy Kruger of Think Differently and they're the minds behind several bangers floating around the bloggerverse including "New York" (GZA), "Lear Jet" (Blu), "Quiet" (Aesop Rock) and "Beatrix" (Vast Aire) off of their forthcoming LP "The Box". From what I here, the album will be well worth the wait. Click the link to hear some heat:

Reps: Pontiac, MI

The first time I ever heard Decompoze's production was back in 2000 when I heard the classic Binary Star 12" "Slang Blade"/"Glen Close" from the "Masters Of The Universe" LP that he produced the majority of. That album is widely regarded as one of the best of the so called "Backpack Era" (1997-2002). Since then, Decompoze has contributed some monstrous tracks to frequent collaborator One.Be.Lo's solo efforts as well as his own slept on LP "Decomposition". If you heard the last One.Be.Lo album then you already know what kind of talent this man possesses. Don't sleep, cuz sleep is the cousin of death.

Ill Poetic
Reps: Cincinnati, OH

Where do I even begin with this cat? Last year, he dropped the incredible album "The World Is Ours" and my boy Eric kept slappin' me upside the head to wake me from my slumber (Thanks, Eric!). Then in 2008, homie went apeshit and dropped "Mood Muzik's 3rd" where he mixed Joe Budden with Portishead tracks and came back with "Nine Inch Naliens" where he mixed Outkast with Nine Inch he pulled this off and made it work so well is beyond me. I just heard his new collaborative EP with Illogic "One Bar Left" and it's fuckin' insane. Go forth and seek these joints out now and check out his drops on the Amalgam Digital blog:

Soul Theory
Reps: Tampa Bay, FL

In 2007, Soul Theory and Knowledge Medina (as K.S. Flow) released the highly slept on album "On The Come Up". Those that heard it immediately noticed the how the flow and the production blended together to make one of the best overlooked Hip Hop releases in recent memory. Soul Theory's production struck a chord with several emcees and DJ's (Statik Selektah) on the underground and he earned placements on several projects (including Reks' "Grey Hairs") featuring Skyzoo, Termanology, Chi Knox, Torae, Supastition and Singapore Kane. Remember this cats' name and that I put you on to him before he blew up:

Reps: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Who is Hayzee? He's this up and coming beatmaker from Amsterdam that makes these ridiculous ass beats that get your head nodding. All it takes is one listen of his "State Beat Tape" or his most recent effort the "Next Level Beat Tape" before you come to the same realization as I have (and I just stated at the beginning of this write up, remember?). This is why you must stay glued to blogs like Moovmnt and The Incubator, people! No window love, go!

Reps: Paris, France

Dela is a French Hip Hop producer who has worked with some of the most critically acclaimed underground emcees in the game and his jazzy, melodic sounding production style turned heads on his 2007 debut project "Atmosphere Airlines". In 2008, he came back with the impressive re-up "Changes Of Atmosphere" that I personally championed right here on this blog a few short months ago. Don't front on this cat because he produced one of the best albums of 2008, real talk. It's tough to find but well worth the effort:

Next up: Analogic, Mike Slott, Nick Tha 1da, Afta-1, Samiyam and Hubert Daviz


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