Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dart Adams presents Even More Anime

After perusing a couple of anime related threads on Okayplayer in recent weeks I realized that a few joints I recommended in those threads I failed to mention in any drops on my own personal blog. In order to rectify that situation I present to you all a drop in which I shine a light on some of my favorite older anime that has overshadowed by popular contemporary series' and OAV's in recent years. Here's "Even More Anime":

M.D. Geist (1986)
The world's most dangerous soldier has been put to sleep like state of suspended animation and then launched into orbit after he snapped and went on a killing streak. He is the final warrior left from a program in which the government genetically altered some soldiers and tinkered with their DNA until they had become unstoppable killing machines. The big problem came when the MDS (Most Dangerous Soldiers) all went beserk and began killing any and everyone, their own support soldiers, allied forces, the enemy...if you moved, blinked or breathed you were dead.

Geist, the final soldier remaining of the MDS program crashes on one of Earth's colonies that is dealing with a bloody civil war. After he's freed from his stasis pod he begins to do what he does best: crush, kill and destroy shit. Since this joint clocks in at under an hour that action is fast and furious and it even spawned a sequel. In recent years, this anime classic has almost been forgotten about except for old head anime fans that rejoiced when the Director's Cut first dropped years ago.

Black Magic M-66 (1987)
Two experimental battle androids are being shipped to a military facility when during transport the military chopper carrying them experiences some difficulty and thinks it's under attack. The pilots abandon the chopper and it crash lands in a forest near a major city. The two androids are activated and thinking they're in enemy territory begin killing everyone and everything they encountered.

The military show up and try to recover both androids but they only encounter one and after it took out a few of their soldiers they were able to take it down and ultmately destroy it. The other M-66 had a head start on it so the officer in charge decides to find the scientists that engineered and programmed the androids to figure out what they're doing. It turns out that a young female reporter stumbles on the Major, his Special Ops squad and the scientists in hopes of getting an exclusive story.

It turns out that the androids were implanted with a dummy program in which they were programmed to go after the lead designer's grand daughter Ferris. The female reporter, Sybel then aids Professor Matthews in beating the android to his grand daughter and then saving Ferris before it executes it's programming and kills her. Can Sybel succeed in preventing a deadly killing machine from taking an innocent life? Watch and find out.

Madox-01: Metal Skin Panic (1988)
A young mechanic lucks out and finds a top secret mechanized battle suit in his garage complete with an instruction manual. He decides to don the mecha just to discover that it accepts him as it's pilot and won't let him out. When the military discovers that the unit has been activated a team of soldiers goes out to recover it so the pilot has no choice but to master the mecha and fight or die. Can Koji survive and discover how to get the armor off so he can go out on a date with his girl? Watch it and find out. Clocking in at around 45 minutes, the film is fast paced.

Baoh (1989)
A teenager is an a car accident with his family and an evil corporation called Doress (are there any other kind in these flicks, really?) decides that he's the perfect candidate for their experiment and they kill his family in the hospital to avoid any future complications. After Ikuro is injected with a parasitic worm that gives him a myriad of bizarre superhuman powers he manages to escape from the hospital and eliminate the guards with his newfound powers and the help of a little girl that Doress had imprisoned because they hoped to use her psychic powers for their own gain.

Ikuro and Sumire stay on the run from Doress and their super powered minions as they try to either recover the Baoh worm and or destroy it and it's host body before it destroys them and puts a halt to their evil operations. The action comes fast and furious because this single episode OAV is just 50 minutes long. Based on the classic manga "Baoh: The Visitor".

Shadow Skill (1995)
Elle a master fighter and her adopted brother Gau take a trip to train and prepare Gau to become a master of a special martial art so he can eventually take on the greatest of fighters, a mysterious warrior known only as Scarface. The OAV ran 3 episodes at 45 minutes each and it's also spawned a TV series that followed a different storyline. This title has been but forgotten as more and more quality anime series get created and the years pass. Don't make the same mistake and sleep on it.


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