Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dart Adams presents Time 4 Sum Aksion: 20 Slept On Asian Action Films

If you're a head like I am and you love Asian action films and crime dramas then chances are that you've already seen between 75%-90% of these joints already. However, the average person doesn't even know that most of these films even exist. If you see any films that are glaring omissions from this list please keep in mind that I've made a lot of lists over the past 23 months and most if not all of the films missing from this particular list have already been on previous ones (especially my 100 Favorite Cult Films Of The Internet Age (1996-) or my Next 25 Favorite Cult Films (1996-) lists). If you haven't seen any of these feel free to Netflix/Redbox 'em or get info about them on IMDb. Enjoy:

Bullet In The Head (1990)

Last Hero In China (1993)

Thunderbolt AKA Dead Heat (1995)

Big Bullet (1996)

Downtown Torpedoes (1997)

Legend Of The Wolf (1997)

Contract Killer (1998)

Ballistic Kiss (1998)

The Mission (1999)

Brother (2000)

Musa The Warrior (2001)

Fulltime Killer (2001)

Breaking News (2004)

New Police Story (2004)

Kill Zone AKA SPL (2005)

Triad Election (2006)

Dog Bite Dog (2006)

Blood Brothers (2007)

Exiled (2007)

Flash Point (2007)



Anonymous said...

Regarding Election, great movie well deserving of mention, but why did you leave off the sequel? Both of those combined make for a much more compelling and complete picture of the world that To is exploring.

Some solid choices though, even if they're not all to my personal preference. I would've def thrown in To's first movie Big Heat and some Ringo Lam, amongst others.

Anonymous said...

Actually, my appologies, I got the american names confused, you listed Election 2, but left off Election 1.